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Fraulein Kink with Caliente accessories and lingerie kinky by excelnce

Fraulein KinkThere are collections for all tastes: Original Sin Nero, Rosso and Bianco to recall the religion and to detach from its innocence. These black, red and white patent leather pieces, with laser-cut details, will find their place in any wardrobe, as true objects of collection and pleasure.

If the Original Sin collection is composed of refined and delicate luxury objects, it is also the case of the Caliente. The latter is made to be seen.

Fraulein Kinkthe mastery of leather

Leather work is the specialty of the German designer. Handmade to order in the Berlin workshops, each piece takes about a week to ten days to complete. The glossy patent leather of the collection Caliente requires special leather work.

The leather used in the collection Caliente being itself a brighter red than the other reds used by the brand, the shiny effect is even more present than on a darker red.

Thanks to its knowledge and mastery of leather, the brand FK even provides instructions on how to best care for its products. Do not store your leather lingerie in plastic bags because it is important that they can "breathe".

We recommend that you store your leather products in a soft cloth bag in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Please never use soaps or detergents on your leather products, but rather gently try your item with a clean, soft cloth.

If the leather is wet, do not heat dry it, but let it dry slowly under natural conditions.

Caliente is meant to be seen!

The collection Calienteavailable in black or glossy red and accompanied by its 24K gold-plated chains, is made to be seen! The touch of these pieces, in addition to their color, makes them very special: discover this new adventure by ordering a set Caliente.

The wetlook of the collection Caliente will make you stand out no matter where you are, and will draw all eyes to you.

The colors you wear will not only catch the eye, but will also send specific symbols to the people you pass, and intrigue them. Go for these BDSM and bondage accessories

In red or in black, what will you choose?

Red and black, each with their own meanings and attracting light in different ways, both represent a facet of the woman. 

The collection Caliente in any case is made to be seen, but wearing the color red or black represents a real choice on the part of the woman who wears it. 

If the symbol of the color red is very strong, as shown in this article on the red lingerieThe symbol of black lingerie is not left out. Black represents authority but also elegance and simplicity. It's up to you to choose the reason for your choice of the collection Caliente in black!

Calienteis the collection Fraulein Kink not to be missed for the latest lingerie and fetishwear!

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