Lauren Dickinson Clarke, 1st collection

Porcelain candle with seductive make-up face licking her lips
For fans of scented candles, Luxury tableware and home accessories, these products add a touch of elegance and refinement to any space, creating an enchanting and exquisite ambience that blends perfectly with the aesthetics of Brigade Mondaine.

Lauren Dickinson Clarke was born in a picturesque English town, finding joy in drawing from an early age. Her early sketches revealed a captivating world of imagination and dreams.

Enchanted by the mysterious and beautiful, Lauren pursued studies in fashion design, honing her skills in the art of craftsmanship. Her creative talents were soon recognized, leading her to apprentice with renowned fashion houses such as Mary Katrantzou and Hussein Chalayan. Eventually, she found herself in a revered position at Alexander McQueen, where she thrived and mastered the art of telling stories through clothes and objects.

Fascinated by the transformative power of exquisite garments, Lauren Dickinson Clarke watched in awe as designers mixed various garments to create looks resembling masterpieces. This observation sparked an idea - "could this same interactive, artistic experience be infused into everyday objects in a home?" She believed that art and dreams should be an integral part of everyday life.

Armed with a pen in her hand, a dream in her heart and faces in her head, Lauren Dickinson Clarke embarked on a quest to create beautiful objects that could elevate any room into a whimsical, artistic experience. After months of sketching, designing, deliberating and dreaming (all accompanied by countless cups of tea), her first creation finally came to life, and she affectionately named it "The Creation of Madam“.

Lauren understands that facial expressions play a crucial role in drawing, as they communicate characters' emotions and states of mind in a powerful, visual way. This power is conveyed by these colorful creations, even though they are presented in black and white as the "The Provocateur Scented Candle

Facial expressions play an essential role in the narrative and emotional impact of a work of art. They enable artists to create lively, captivating characters that evoke emotional resonance and bring the story to life. Here Lauren tells us many stories through her creations alone.

Lauren Dickinson Clarke's first Brigade Mondaine collection of scented candles is available now and joins the rest of the collection from erotic cosmetics also available on our website.

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