Lauren Dickinson Clarke

Lauren DICKINSON CLARKE scented candles, tableware and elegant home accessories. Unique creations made in England and inspired by real muses from the history of Art and Pop Culture. English porcelain gilded with 22-carat gold. Succumb to candles scented with our best-seller THE PROVOCATEUR inspired by the Cicciolina or the eccentric tableware of the English designer! LDC is presented as an exlu in our showroom of Paris V.

Lauren DICKINSON CLARKE creates Moody Muse scented candles and fine tableware inspired by real Muses from the history of Art and Pop Culture. The Illustrations: behind every illustration that adorns our candles is a true muse; an elusive and inspiring woman who inspired and motivated the creative process. Lauren works with her fountain pen to capture the spirit of these muses in ink. The Fragrances: with the help of Master Perfumers, we strive to produce fragrances that represent the muse behind the candle. Hats: each candle is accessorized with an elegant hat, carefully handcrafted in our London workshop. Porcelain: made in Stoke-on-Trent, porcelain is crafted by some of England's most talented artisans. Naturally, our fine porcelain clay is sustainably sourced and our candles are delicately finished with a hand-painted 22-carat gold rim. Lauren Dickinson Clarke creates scented candles that celebrate the Muses, Misfits & Rebels. Those who liberated culture and inspired artistic movements. Each fragrance has been designed hand in hand with master perfumers. Each has been created to represent the personality of the muse. Our creations are made in England from fine porcelain and gilded with 22-carat gold.

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