Dos Santos

Equip your bondage games with this new range of high-end accessories. Entirely handmade in Berlin from high quality leather of certified European origin and finished in solid brass by Brigade Mondaine.
Available in Bordeaux and black, the accessories of the Brigade Mondaine X Dos Santos collection are exceptionally soft. The Gaga masks cover your eyes with delicacy, and are softened thanks to small cushions, favouring your comfort. As well as the headband that plunges you into the dark, to titillate all your other senses... The chokers are equipped with two rings, which makes the addition of a leash ideal. Speaking of leashes, these are equipped with a handle and a carabiner, and will hold your submissive with strength and elegance.
Finally, the last element of this exceptional collection, a set of handcuffs, composed ofa pair of handcuffs Comfortable thanks to soft foam padding and a lamb nappa lining and a powerful solid brass carabiner.


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The designer of the brand Dos Santos is inspired in part by nature, especially plants. The design is adapted to the ergonomic conceptions of the female body to create a elegance unique, natural and adjusted. The nature has already cracked the code of perfection. Overall, the founder believes in a symbiotic relationship of the garment created using nature's codes. 3D printing allows for a more sustainable and much less polluting production. The fabrics used for the garment are ethically sourced and natural or leftovers and therefore limited in quantity. Each piece of lingerie is made in her workshop and finished by hand by the designer herself. The 3D Couture Stephanie Santos creations are delivered in beautiful ethical and organic bags, ready to offer! 

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