Dos Santos

Equip your bondage games with this new range of high-end accessories. Entirely handmade in Berlin from high quality leather of certified European origin and finished in solid brass by Brigade Mondaine.
Available in Bordeaux and black, the accessories of the Brigade Mondaine X Dos Santos collection are exceptionally soft. The Gaga masks cover your eyes with delicacy, and are softened thanks to small cushions, favouring your comfort. As well as the headband that plunges you into the dark, to titillate all your other senses... The chokers are equipped with two rings, which makes the addition of a leash ideal. Speaking of leashes, these are equipped with a handle and a carabiner, and will hold your submissive with strength and elegance.
Finally, the last element of this exceptional collection, a set of handcuffs, composed ofa pair of handcuffs Comfortable thanks to soft foam padding and a lamb nappa lining and a powerful solid brass carabiner.


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Discover our BDSM accessories, for your most erotic and sensual games. The Brigade Mondaine X Dos Santos collection, composed of 4 types of bondage accessories, available in 2 colors, black and bordeauxare his must-haves. 4 classics reinvented to maximize your pleasure, and your suffering, while maintaining unparalleled quality and comfort.

Collars and leashes

A choker is a style of collar born in the 90s, and was called "Dog Collar". Coming back very fashionable, the choker is a collar worn at neck level and is available in different materials, such as leather, ribbon, elastic, and many others... In streetlook, the choker is an essential piece to wear the perfect outfit, but above all it is a necessary accessory for your practices. BDSMmore or less perverse ! Chokers have become a must-have, so don't wait any longer and succumb!


Handcuffs are bracelets, often made of metal and joined by a chain, which are usually attached to a prisoner's wrist. Its main function is to restrain the hands and/or feet of a person. It is for this main function that handcuffs interest us. In the SM and BDSM world, handcuffs are indispensable! Restrict the actions of your partner, to let him/her melt under your caresses... and more !

The masks

As for the mask, its main utility will be to block the view of the person wearing it, and to totally subdue him/her. The headband will be an effective tool, when it is delicately tied behind the head, it will be silky, delicate, and comfortable. For more bondage, choose the leather mask, which will be guaranteed to keep the submissive person in a state of ignorance of what is going on around them.

For events?

Take your gag, or your mask, to the libertine evenings, and accompany these bdsm accessories to the different types of luxury lingerie. A harness, will allow you to impose your submission, in addition to blocking the sight and speech of the submissive person.

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