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BRACLI LONDON, a powerful lingerie line for independent women...
The most delicate creations entirely hand-made from stretch leavers lace, fishnet and satin elastic and for some pieces the most beautiful pearls of Mallorca.
Majorca Pearls are made using a traditional method and are known worldwide as the best handmade pearls. Explore the world BRACLI discover the other collections!


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London, powerful lingerie line

Discover the Body LondonThis transparent piece with lace inserts on the chest and hips will make you a true goddess. Its elegant cut and open back make it a masterpiece to wear in all circumstances. In addition to the stimulating effect of the pearls on the erogenous zone, this model is perfect for the stimulation of the G spot.

Succumb to the bra London ! Suggestive details to sublimate your chest, comfort assured thanks to its various adjustments, this bra without underwiring will not leave anyone indifferent.

Strings by Bracli

The thong, also called G-String, intended to hide the fall of kidney and to reveal completely your buttocks. Thongs are often made of very little material, or fabric, which gives it the particularity of being discreet under some clothes. The high waist thong is a very elegant and discreet piece in the back allowing to sculpt and reveal your best assets. Prepare to be transported to the Seventh Heaven with the Bracli thongs and high waist thongs. This designer takes you on a journey through a wave of unique sensations with Majorcan pearls that stimulate your G-spot.

Reach the G spot with the strings Bracli .

Some thongs, high pants or bodys Bracli have been specially designed for this purpose.
You will find some in the collection Vienna, Geneva or Bracli&G...
Have fun with your partner and find the Holy Grail.
The rows of Mallorcan pearls will become will come to stimulate the external but also internal part of the clitoris and that famous G spot.
How to use the a Bracli:
- Release the pearl strand from the lace.
- Tie a knot at the end and form a kind of cluster.
- Insert it into the vagina using your fingers or hers 😉
- Then it's up to the feeling... You can masturbate by sliding the pearl necklace along your vagina and reach the G spot or invite your partner to penetrate you.
The G-spot really exists, just order it.

Where have you seen them before?

It's in Rebecca Apsan's boutique, La Petite Coquette, that the scriptwriters of the TV series Sex and the City, have selected lingerie to film one of the chapters of the series in which a multimillionaire offers Samantha a Bracli as a gift on his private jet... Only Bracli was missing from his happiness 😉

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