GENEVA the new Signature G-spot stimulating collection, from the brand of lingerie BRACLI. Lingerie available in two colors, ivory and black. Bracli stands out from the lingerie traditional, because, in addition to being undergarments and accessoriesThe Bracli creations have the characteristic of directly stimulating the female genital area, the G spot. Bracli G spot provokes and stimulates your imagination; your nights will be prickly! Whether you are a thong, G-string, panties high, beaded bra, bodysuit, babydoll, accessories, matching set...

It's the perfect gift idea for Valentine's Day and the holidays!

And don't forget to take advantage of theoutlet Bracli for maximum savings :-)

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It's in Rebecca Apsan's boutique, La Petite Coquette, that the scriptwriters of the TV series Sex and the City, have selected lingerie to film one of the chapters of the series in which a multimillionaire offers Samantha a Bracli as a gift on his private jet... Only Bracli was missing from his happiness 😉

Reach the G spot with the strings Bracli .

Some thongs, high pants or bodys Bracli have been specially designed for this purpose.
You will find some in the collection Vienna, Geneva or Bracli&G...
Have fun with your partner and find the Holy Grail.
The rows of Mallorcan pearls will become will come to stimulate the external but also internal part of the clitoris and that famous G spot.
How to use the lingerie Bracli:
- Release the pearl strand from the lace.
- Tie a knot at the end and form a kind of cluster.
- Insert it into the vagina using your fingers or hers 😉
- Then it's up to the feeling... You can masturbate by sliding the pearl necklace along your vagina and reach the G spot or invite your partner to penetrate you.
The G-spot really exists, just order it.



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