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Kilter Leather pleasure accessories for women who do not respect the rules... The luxury BDSM brand designed for demanding users, high quality kink products for all levels of BDSM and Bondage. Products designed by women for women.
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When done safely and consensually, BDSM is a powerful way to enhance relationships through trust. From handcuffs, to necklaces or paddles, Kilter offers a full range to help you find what feels good and feel restrained only when you want to.
The products are made from high-quality vegetable-tanned Italian leather with soft suede linings and sturdy metal hardware, because when it comes to sex and sensuality, nobody wants to feel out of place.

Kilter, a luxury brand committed to women.

Luxury leather pleasure products to allow liberated women to confidently pursue authentic intimate experiences. We can't truly incorporate this into our brand DNA without recognizing that the movement for gender equality is still being fought for and therefore not all women are truly liberated. In many countries around the world, women continue to fight for our safety, our healthcare and against gender-based violence among many other inequalities. As a company, the brand is committed to donating 5 % of their gross profit to the Global Fund for Women.

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