UPKO BDSM novelties

UPKO is back at Brigade Mondaine with iconic pieces and brand new products to amaze you.

At Brigade Mondaine, UPKO is positioned as a luxury pleasure brand focused on the fascinating world of BDSM. The marriage of product design and brand expression with deep cultural knowledge gives its products unrivalled appeal and craftsmanship. UPKO stands for excellence, elegance and mastery in its field. By offering innovative ways to express intimacy, UPKO expands the horizons of sensual love. For customers seeking BDSM products of the highest quality and wishing to infuse their experiences with a sense of ritual, UPKO is an exceptional choice.

The essence of the brand is based on the conviction that BDSM is by no means vulgar, but rather a noble form of sensuality. UPKO favors top-quality leather materials, supplied by Italy's second-largest supplier, whose style is also appreciated by renowned brands such as GIVENCHY. What's more, metal components are manufactured mainly using customized molds, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

One of our flagship products is UPKO Luxury BDSM vertical trunk kita top-of-the-range set of 20 pieces of classic SM tools, designed for demanding users. These tools can be combined in multiple ways to offer a variety of games, guaranteeing an optimal experience. What's more, all the BDSM tools inside are hand-crafted from Italian cowhidebringing a touch of art to what might otherwise be considered a daring practice, and making lovemaking a more ritualized experience.

UPKO occupies a prime position as a high-end brand in the BDSM field, a long-underestimated niche market. The meticulous arrangement of tools inside the box takes into account the progressive development of play and the intensity of sensations, demonstrating the brand's commitment to detail and ritual in intimacy.

UPKOby enriching approaches to expressing sensual love, continues to explore new dimensions of intimacy with passion and dedication.

Photograph in a room with animal decor, a black trunk with red interior is in the center. It contains various leather accessories with gold details.
UPKO-Coffre 20 Pièces BDSM De Luxe

In addition to restocking its most iconic products, Brigade Mondaine now presents brand-new sensual UPKO products such as revolutionary bondage sets and straps:

Discover UPKO's Indulge In the Restraints Set BDSMthe Wand vibrator harnessthe Spacer bar and clamps complete setthe Spreader bar Set BDSMthe Hogtie Bondage set BDSMthe Set Nipple clamp bar and clitoral chainand and much more!

Image on brown background showing three golden wheels with quills
UPKO- Roulette Wartenberg

UPKO's new products include a Roulette Wartenberg gold-plated, it's a medical instrument or accessory used for sensory or erotic stimulation. This roulette wheel is designed with a small serrated metal wheel, in this case zinc alloy, which is gilded for aesthetic reasons. The end of the wheel is fitted with a handle for a comfortable grip.

The main use of Roulette Wartenberg UPKO's golden roulette can be found in BDSM games (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism) or erotic play practices. When used for erotic purposes, the roller is gently rolled over the person's skin, creating a tingling or tickling sensation. This can be used to stimulate sensitive areas of the body and add variety to foreplay.

In the world of BDSM, bondage often involves the use of handcuffs, ropes or other devices to restrict a partner's movements, UPKO additionally offers . These practices are consensual and take place within a framework of trust, aiming to explore sensations of vulnerability, arousal and control. Restriction can be physical or psychologicalThis is the perfect opportunity for participants to enjoy intense erotic experiences.

Grey background photograph of a black bracelet with gold details set on a stone.
UPKO-Indulge In The Restraints SET BDSM
Upko- Harness Wand Vibrator Set
Photograph on black showing the end of the spreader bar with the wristband. The wristband is black with the brand logo and is connected to the gold end of the bar.
UPKO - Spreader Bar Set BDSM
UPKO - Spreader Bar And Clamps Complete Set
Photograph on gray background showing a black necklace with gold details, connected to a gold chain.
UPKO-Indulge In The Restraints SET BDSM
UPKO - Spreader Bar And Clamps Complete Set
UPKO - Plug and Handcuff Set
Black background photograph showing a black spreader bar with a collar in the middle and two gold ends with hand ties.
UPKO - Spreader Bar Set BDSM
Mannequin photograph of a clitoral chain with a pleasure ball, the chains are gold-plated.
UPKO-Indulge In The Restraints SET BDSM
UPKO -Hogtie Bondage Set BDSM
Photograph on a brown background featuring a golden nipple bar on an orange flower.
UPKO - Set bar nipple clamps clitoral chain
UPKO - Plug and Handcuff Set

New products from UPKO are now available from our online store. Brigade Mondaine and in the showroom.

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