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Brigade Mondaine offers a selection of erotic accessories and fine lingerie made by small designers from around the world

The origin of Brigade Mondaine

Luxury lingerie

The Brigade Mondaine brand offers a sharp selection of erotic accessories and luxury lingerie made by small designers from around the world.

Originally, the brigade mondaine was the brigade de répression du proxénétisme at the beginning of the 20th century. This is also the origin of our logo, an open eye, which appeared on the uniforms of the police officers in charge of supervising the establishments open at night, including brothels.

An original idea, therefore, unique on the French market!

A sharp selection of original creations

Among the products offered by Brigade Mondaine, we find the creations of designers from all over the world, from luxury lingerie with refined finishes to quality erotic toys and jewellery in precious materials.

At Brigade Mondaine, we are committed to promoting small designers while offering the best in terms of erotic underwear top of the range. A wide selection of products, which will satisfy all tastes in terms of aesthetics and will meet all desires.

In all, about fifty creators are listed on the site Brigade Mondaine.

Want a little more? Stand out completely from traditional lingerie with the choice of sexy and satisfying open lingerie...

More than a concept store, it's an experience in itself!

Brigade Mondaine is not just an e-commerce site where you can buy your favorite pieces. In fact, the company offers its customers a real experience beyond the simple online order. Shipping is free.

So when you receive your order, it's an experience all its own. The products are wrapped in tissue paper, the package is scented, and the order is decorated with treats that change according to the time of year. Taste, smell, touch, in short, all the senses are stimulated at Brigade Mondaine.

Note that it will soon be possible to extend the experience in the showroom that the brand should open later this year! So, are you looking forward to it?

An outstanding team

Brigade Mondaine is for aesthetes, lovers of beautiful things. 

Site designed to satisfy passionate people, we try to be constantly on the alert for the emergence of new creators who may one day be sold on the site. 

Our site is intended to be a rallying point for people sharing the same passion, we will always be listening to your comments and suggestions. 

Our team will be there to assist you!

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