Brigade Mondaine welcomes 1 new designer: Liebe Seele

Photograph of a curly-haired woman in front of a window wearing a baked lingerie set with whip and heels, her outfit is brown with gold details

Saddle up with The Equestrian!

The leading brand in the luxury and high-end BDSM world is now available at Brigade Mondaine with its "The Equestrian" collection.

For over 20 years the Japanese brand Liebe Seele is dedicated to the art of seduction, the art of beauty and the art of eroticism. Their authenticity in the world of BDSM has earned them a reputation for bold, high-quality products. Liebe Seele is a designer brand always on the lookout for new identities for each of their customers, offering different collections inspired by various horizons.

A singular, dominating collection: The Equestrian by Liebe Seele

Directly inspired by the world of equestrianism and horsemanship, this bold, timeless collection is one of the brand's bestsellers. This collection stands out with its noble, robust materials, while remaining sensual, elegant and a touch reckless.

Tame your partner with this collection that will not leave him/her indifferent. Indulge in forbidden practices to increase your desire. In "The equestrian", Liebe Seele offers a selection of whipsThe whip is a must-have accessory for all BDSM lovers, whether you're looking to indulge your deepest desires and take power over your partner. The whip being an essential BDSM accessory, let yourself be carried away by these!

Photograph of a woman wearing a brown lingerie ensemble and holding a whip in front of her.
The equestrian- Leather whip
Photograph outside of a set of BDSM whip-type products.
The Equestrian-Accessories
Photograph of a woman's belly with the tip of a riding crop resting on it. She is wearing a leather lingerie set.
The Equestrian- Leather whip

A true collection of submission and constraint, the 19 products on offer are designed to intensify sexual pleasure and desire. Made from genuine leather, they're highly resistant and can withstand whatever you want to inflict on your partner, thanks to

Want to enrich your life as a couple and explore new sexual horizons? The Equestrian by Liebe Seele is there for you! A multitude of accessories have been created to satisfy your desires while maintaining an aesthetic that will not leave you indifferent. Timeless handcuffs, collars and leashes are also an integral part of The Equestrian collection!

Photograph in front of a wall of various BDSM accessories from The Equestrian by Liebe Seele range, including handcuffs, collars and leashes.
The Equestrian-BDSM accessories

Even more iconic and daring, Liebe Seele offers you ladies leather lingerie that will make all the difference in your dressing room, and for you gentlemen, domination accessories, because you're entitled to them too! Get a sneak preview of our cavalry-inspired saddle. The Equestrian draws its inspiration from the art of horseback riding, and is distinguished by its robust pieces made from the highest-quality materials and genuine, hard-wearing cowhide. You'll also find harnesses, posture collars and masks, all in the spirit of domination.

Photograph of a woman sitting on a man who has a horse saddle on his back. She is wearing a brown leather lingerie set.
The Equestrian-Lingerie and accessories set

For the wiser among you, opt for leather lingerie sets, just as seductive as the BDSM accessories. Their unusual, Liebe Seele-style designs are full of character. From thongs and panties to bewitching corsets, the lingerie will make all the difference. Seductive and intrepid, these pieces will enhance your curves to make you ultra-sensual and adventurous.

Photograph of a woman sitting on a table wearing a brown lingerie ensemble
The Equestrian-Leather lingerie set
Photograph of a woman from behind wearing a brown lingerie outfit and a man behind her wearing a leather mask.
Liebe Seele-The Equestrian

Discover The equestrian by Liebe Seele at Brigade Mondaine!

Photograph of a man and a woman, wearing brown leather lingerie and accessories. The woman is holding the man on a leash.

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