ELF ZHOU LONDON, nipple covers for all tastes!

Discover the collection of nipple covers by ELF ZHOU LONDON

Nipple covers ELF ZHOU LONDON, made of smooth black leather which are connected by a golden chain

Attract attention and capture the imagination.

E.L.F ZHOU London Artefact is a brand specialized in the manufacture of luxury lingerie and high-end accessories.

Our nipple covers will leave you speechless!

Breast jewels that will enhance your chest, or your partner's chest, and will give a sexy and elegant look. Nipple covers, or nippies, pasties in English, will spice up your SM games and enhance your set of luxury lingerie... or lack thereof.

Pair of Nippies of the brand ELF ZHOU LONDON Signature of Crystal & Silver The nipples shine with its composition of crystal and silver.

All designs are handcrafted with care and technicality in the brand's London workshops.

 Both provocative and elegant, E.L.F Zhou London is based on luxurious materials that result in pieces of exceptional quality.

 These refined and innovative creations are above all made to be shown and integrate perfectly with ready-to-wear outfits.

Nipple covers ELF ZHOU LONDON, made of a smooth red leather which are connected by a golden chain

Entirely handmade in the brand's workshops in London from high quality vegan tanned leather with 24 carat gold-plated finishes.

This collection blurs the boundaries between fashion and fetishism to be dazzling in all circumstances.

How to wear my nippies?

A wide selection of reusable nipple covers, which you can wear by sticking them to your skin with the adhesive provided. Otherwise, for the most experienced among you, nipple glue will allow your nipple cover to be correctly fixed, without any risk of falling or coming off.

Nipple cover of the brand ELF ZHOU LONDON Signature of glittering black color. The nipples shine of thousand fires by its composition of crystal of quartz

Nippies in quartz crystals entirely handmade and in very limited series by E.L.F Zhou London !

Black crystal pasties created from quartz, sand and minerals are beautifully integrated into this concentric pattern and will add a little burlesque touch to your lingerie and open bras.

You won't be able to resist this beautiful pair of jewel nippies, glittering with a thousand lights!

To match with the E.L.F Zhou London lingerie collection, you can choose from our large selection of breast jewelry signed by the greatest designers in the luxury lingerie business.

Choose your favorite nipple covers!

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