ELF ZHOU LONDON, bondage lingerie collections made for you!

ELF Zhou London presents its 3 colors of bondage lingerie

Attracting attention and capturing the imagination

Shibari inspired Bordeaux Playsuit, burgundy and lassé at the front
Signature Playsuit Bondage Red of the brand ELF ZHOU LONDON. The piece is open at the level of the breasts and passes around the neck to go along the length of the upper body. There is a central band of color wheel and two red bands that pass diagonally on both sides. At the level of the belt passes a red band, itself connected to two red bands that run diagonally along the upper thighs. She wears flesh-colored tights that reach the top of her thighs. She also has silver nippies red with rhinestones.

Designed to accentuate and flatter the sublime female form and enhance pleasure, this collection will not disappoint.

The straps are fully adjustable via 24 karat gold plated sliders to ensure a perfect fit.

3 colors to maximize your pleasure!

Nipple covers ELF ZHOU LONDON, made of a smooth red leather which are connected by a golden chain

Shiny satin elastic straps combine comfort with a flattering fit and include gold-plated rings and adjustable sliders.

All designs are handcrafted with care and technicality in the brand's London workshops. Both provocative and elegant, ELF Zhou London's creations are based on luxurious materials resulting in true couture pieces of exceptional quality. These refined and innovative creations are above all made to be shown off and integrate perfectly with ready-to-wear outfits.

Which color will you fall for?

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