Dark Paris, the new collection of BRACLI

Play with contrasts with the collection Dark Paris !

The G-Spot, Bracli has checked it out and offers you a very fun and challenging way to locate it... Enjoy!

DARK PARIS the new collection exploring the G-spot of the lingerie brand BRACLI. Ever more delicate creations entirely handmade in Spain, from stretch lace and the most beautiful pearls of Majorca.

Thanks to a special necklace finished with a ring of pearls, the thongs and bodysuits of the collections Geneva, Vienna, Dark Paris... are able to stimulate the external sensitive parts and the G-spot at the same time!

The range BRACLI

Bracli is different from the a traditional lingerie, because, in addition to being undergarments and accessories; The creations Bracli have the characteristic of stimulating directly the genital region of the woman, the G-spot. Bracli G-spot provokes and stimulates your imagination; your nights will be spicy!

Whether you are a thong, string G, panties high, pearl bra, bodysuit, babydoll, accessories, matching set...

Majorca Pearls are made in a traditional way and are known worldwide as the best handmade pearls.

Point G Dark Paris panties

Play with contrasts with the collection Dark Paris signed BRACLI

Bracli outfit worn by the model, featuring the bracli panties and glove from the Dark In Paris collection
Mannequin showing the new products of the BRACLI collection: bra and panties Dark paris
A super sexy piece that will not leave your man indifferent ....

In addition to the stimulating effect of the beads on the erogenous zones, this model is perfect for G-spot stimulation. Pull the ribbon back to release the pearl necklace. Tie a knot at the end of the pearl chain and insert it into the vagina with a finger.

To play solo, the knot stimulates the G-spot while massaging the clitoris with the beads on the outside. To play together, leave the knot in while your partner penetrates you.

The bra Dark Paris

The Bra Dark Paris made from delicate white French lace and black beads will not leave your man indifferent ....

The pleasure of pearls BRACLI

Depending on your mood, you can choose to tie the knot in the front or back.

You can also change the shape of the straps with two movable bead rings - several bra in one!

New Dark paris collection with the bra and panty set with beads
Bra from the new Dark In Paris collection on a model worn with a lace glove
Presentation image Dark Paris by Bracli

Feel like falling for the erotic glove ?

The erotic glove by Bracli

The Erotic glove Dark Paris made from delicate white French lace and black beads will not leave your man indifferent. Dark Paris Glove is an erotic glove with which, thanks to the contact of the black pearls, you will obtain an unexpected excitement in your partner. One size.

Explore the whole universe BRACLI and discover the other collections, Sydney, London, Vienna, Kyoto... ! Available on Brigade Mondaine !

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