Shine like never before with Crystal Eyez! ✨

Before, during and after the holidays, Crystal Eyez is here to brighten you up. New pieces shining like a thousand lights, become the crystal that everyone wants. 😉

"You get the damn dress and you wear it like Kahleesi owns her dragons."

Crystal Eyez

Change planets with the Mars tights!
Feel the wind moving through your legs ... and your body. . . !
Elegant and shiny are the best words to describe this piece that will make your legs shine. 😏

Shine over a drink with friends or family, ... 🥂
With the new Top Savor and its choker! Available in black and white!
In any case, you'll be the only one to dazzle them! 😉

Don't you have any high spirits? We can do better than that!
The new Berta velvet bodysuit, is here to meet your request ... It can accompany you to a dinner, a party, wherever you want to go!
Shoulders exposed, a carved shape, what are you waiting for to succumb?

These new Crystal Eyez products take you to a radiant and crystal-rich universe! Come and discover it here at Brigade Mondaine!

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