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Ludovica Martire - Made In Pain is a luxury leather accessories brand, handmade in Rome since 2017. Ludovica Martire, the designer, lets her inspiration speak via the mix of leathers, crystals, stones and chains to create her own definition of femininity and sensuality. Their first collection, the Hesperides, symbolizes the nymphs of the night and sunsets.
"My purpose," Ludovica explains, "is to suggest an image of a secret history of eroticism and mystery that is about to be revealed, but never is."


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To understand Ludovica Martire, discover Persephone. Luxurious piece from the "Esperides" collection of the Italian luxury brand Ludovica MartireEntirely handmade in the designer's workshop in Rome from vegetable-tanned leather, gilded brass and glass pieces placed one by one. The first collection is inspired by the Hesperides, nymphs of the sunset, who watched over the gardens of "golden apples" - oranges - of the Olympian gods. Throughout the pieces of this collection, the designer tells the legend of Nymphs, Goddesses and Women.

The Persephone Choker is attached to two removable and adjustable chains forming a symmetry. This symmetry denotes how Persephone had to divide her time between 6 months on Earth and 6 months in Hell, but it can also denote the Manichean way in which your desires can be opposite. Ludovica's motto is fully respected with this piece as it suggests an image of eroticism and mystery about to be revealed... without being revealed... This exceptional creator offers you accessories out of the ordinary, and with unlimited beauty.

The Ludivica Martire chokers

A choker is a style of collar born in the 90s, and was called "Dog Collar". Coming back very fashionable, the choker is a collar worn at neck level and is available in different materials, such as leather, ribbon, elastic, and many others... In streetlook, the choker is an essential piece to wear the perfect outfit, but above all it is a necessary accessory for your practices. BDSMmore or less perverse ! Chokers have become a must-have, so don't wait any longer and succumb!

The masks

Its main purpose will be to block the view of the person wearing it, and to subdue it completely. The headband will be an effective tool, when it is delicately tied behind the head, it will be silky, delicate, and comfortable. For more bondage, choose the leather mask, which will be guaranteed to keep the submissive person in a state of ignorance of what is happening around her. The jewel masks will fulfill their function of submission, while remaining of incomparable luxury and beauty.

Ludovica Martire cuffs

These bracelets are jewelry that can be made of fabric, leather and sometimes even decorated with stones! They are mostly decorative jewels to match your outfit or your a. However, bracelets can also be used during certain sexual practices such as S&M or BDSM. Often, pairs of bracelets, then play the role of a pair of handcuffs.

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