High On Love

All-natural, vegan wellness and intimacy products made with premium quality ingredients in Canada.
Revolutionize the way you love with erotic cosmetics HighOnLove ! Follow the Love... HighOnLove® products are made with clean, cruelty-free ingredients and vegans and have been carefully designed to encourage women to take charge of their sensuality. We are committed to finding ingredients natural that deliver results while providing a luxurious moment of personal care or intimacy.


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Follow the Love...

High On Love is a high-end collection of wellness and beauty productsprivacy basedoil of hemp seeds designed to take your pleasure to new heights. After decades of experience in the cosmetic and CBD industries, founder Angela Mustone created HighOnLove a line of cosmetics erotica which uses the benefits of hemp in effective formulas. Each product is manufactured in small batches to guarantee impeccable quality. HighOnLove is the result of a skilful alchemy, a luxurious brand that gives a new dimension to skin care. intimate for a demanding clientele.

HighOnLove was born out of Angela Mustone's passion for the most precious plants, which she discovered during her many travels and her quest to find the best ingredients to promote well-being Angela designed the line from exceptional essential oils, her formulas are enriched with hemp seeds and follow a very strict quality procedure to offer products of the highest quality.The creator had a real revelation during a trip to the Far East when she was looking for exceptional ingredients. She discovered that the mind and body can connect more intimately through the benefits of hemp oil combined with natural essences. HighonLove will introduce you to new sensations and transform the intimacy of all those who touch them, so that you can enjoy new experiences! Whether it's our flagship product, our stimulating sensual oil, or our gourmet bath oils, or our massage candlesOur range is manufactured in small quantities to ensure the highest quality. HighOnLove is the result of a clever alchemy, a brand which gives a new dimension to intimate care for a demanding clientele.
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