HERVÉ by Céline Marie

HERVÉ by Celine Marie Luxury Couture Lingerie, erotic lingerie, designer lingerie ethically handcrafted. Céline Marie is a designer of lingerie sexy, German-born with French roots, and based in Amsterdam, she was named "Rising Star" at the UK Lingerie Awards.

Céline Marie graduated from the London College of Fashion with a first class degree in fashion design and has worked for renowned designers such as Iris van Herpen, Julien MacDonald and Christian Cowan-Sanluis. With her interdisciplinary approach, exquisite craftsmanship and choice of luxurious and experimental materials. HERVÉ by Céline Marie raises lingerie to the standards of haute couture. The HERVÉ lingerie brand is a unique fusion of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies such as 3D laser cutting, specializing in women's undergarments, structured corsetry and stage wear. With her interdisciplinary approach, Céline Marie also caters to women who suffer from unevenly sized breasts or who have undergone a mastectomy and gives women back their confidence and feminine sensuality.

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At last, lingerie that can be personalised to suit every woman's skin tone. HERVÉ by Céline Marie creates the incredible with her tattoo lingerie. Céline Marie lingerie plays on the idea of creating an optical illusion by using an ultra-transparent and delicate mesh to create a second skin effect. Four different shades of nude have been created to match your complexion: Porcelain, Sunkissed, Rich Tawny and Midnight. The goal of empowering and uniting women, restoring their confidence and encouraging unconditional self-esteem with the mission of redefining luxury as an ethical consciousness and awareness of our planet has been achieved!

Ethically handmade and durable couture lingerie...

HERVÉ by Céline Marie lingerie combines luxury with durability. The designer is convinced that everyone has a responsibility towards the environment. Each piece of lingerie is handmade, only to order, in the Amsterdam workshop by Céline herself. A family and local production that eliminates unnecessary materials and reduces emissions and energy consumption.
The panties, thongs or bodysuits are made with certified antibacterial bamboo fiber cotton.

SYMBIOTICY Collection of couture and sexy lingerie that celebrates your femininity ...

The Symbioticy couture lingerie collection explores the symbiotic relationship between the female form and natural morphology; an appreciation of nature's imperfections, using the human body as a catalyst to bring organic growth patterns to life. Leavers lace combined with a thin layer of ultra-transparent mesh creates an illusory play with depth, capturing the breath of uncertainty that defines our current era. It depicts an escape in a mirage, unifying the boundaries between our skin and a single flower. The SYMBIOTIQUE is not only a symbolization of mindfulness, a reminder of resourcefulness and an embrace of reconnection with our earth, but deeply rooted in the origin of our own nature. Discover Illucia, Annecy, Syntosis, Raël, Adélie, Yvéa, Vérène...A complete collection of underwired bras, underwire bras, underwire bras, underwire bras, underwire bras, underwire bras, underwire bras, underwire bras, underwire bras... bra without underwire in the shape of a triangle called "bralette", suspender belts, garter belts, and harness of pantiesthongs, g-strings bodyss, of the greenhouses- sizes and even chokers to find the perfect style.

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