Rich - Fräulein Kink

Rich Fräulein Kink

Fraulein Kinkcreator ofBDSM and bondage accessories wants to be the perfect mix between sensuality and fashion.

The collection Rich is composed of accessories and lingerie pieces in black leather. The different pieces can be worn in order to assert your fiery personality and accompany your most beautiful outfits.  These pieces will certainly attract attention. The leathers used are sophisticated and of high quality. The gold details add a sparkling touch to the look. Assume your femininity and charm in these pieces of the collection Rich by Fraulein Kink. Awaken your inner femme fatale with the armor-like corsets and bras in this collection.

The lion is the emblem of the collection RichIt's a majestic design that will help you to assert yourself in your strongest moments.

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