Figure of A

Unique Rope Art Inspired Fashion - Statement Pieces
Figure Of A was born from the talent of Anna Kii, Shibari artist and fashion designer. A sensual and modern collection, accessory bondage, fetish, SM and BDSM inspired by the Japanese bondage, the Shibari, to wear everyday or in the evening on a more fetish outfit.
Each piece is made to order, from top quality leather and strings of waxed cotton made to measure, hand-made by the designer, in London. A vast collection in products but also in colours, harness, chokersbody jewellery, keychains, BDSM restraints, bondage handcuffs, whips for domina...

Tied in London.


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Figure Of A, fashion accessories inspired by the art of shibari... Figure Of A, dreamed in Japan, made in London

Japanese bondage continues to inspire the English shibari artist and fashion designer Anna Kii.
After years of practicing Shibari (the ancient Japanese art of erotic bookbinding), Anna links her two passions, strings and fashion by creating a line accessory fashion and bondage for BDSM and fetish lovers but also for lovers of art, crafts and pretty things. The designer translates and manufactures since then, in her workshop in London, entirely by hand, from high quality leather and waxed cotton cord, the patterns of the traditional Shibari knots, in fashion accessories, linking the body to the clothes.
The East meets the West, the style is unique, the pieces are magnificent.
Harnesses and jewelry Figure Of A are avant-garde, architectural, yet very feminine and sensual.
The accessories can be worn in different living environments, day and night. Anna succeeds in her daring wager to bring the Shibari out of the shadows...
Anna participates in the Torture Garden events in London where she animates Shibari par oh.francoise performances inspired by Hans Bellmer.

Interview Anna Kii |

How did you get into the world of ropes and shibari?
I have traveled twice to Japan and fell in love with the nation and culture. There I increased my interest in Shibari in the form that it takes in Japan, from know-how, craftsmanship, architecture, obsession with aesthetics and its strangeness. I took classes in London, where I found a Shibari studio that organizes weekly classes and workshops with famous bookbinders. But there were also jam sessions, meetings, parties, whatever! In the community, consensus is a fundamental element; all interactions must be mutually desired.
What does Shibari mean to you?
Linking the body is a form of connection, it leads the linked person to perceive a variety of things, from submission to a sense of power, to draw contentment from the movement and restriction of the body bound by the ropes. Many people say that it feels "embraced". Wearing Figure of A pieces is like having a secret story to tell, being part of it and therefore feeling special.
Where did you get the inspiration for the Shibari cell phone?
I have transformed the traditional patterns used to tie the body into clothing and accessories where the rope has both a functional and decorative purpose. The pieces in figure A appear to be attached to the body, but can be clipped on and off without doing all the work!
Your products are beautiful to wear and also to use, since the rope has a double core, functional and decorative.Can you give a hint as to how they can be used?
Harnesses look great on dresses or tight tops and especially on a white shirt. Other accessories such as chockers and bags go well with everything, as they don't scream "bondage" but just give a subtle hint, and the rope tie speaks for itself!

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