Plug Bunny Glitter Pink


Color   Rose

Composition   Borosilicate Glass & Faux Fur

Handmade Los Angeles

199,90 INCL. VAT
166,58 HT

Disponibilité : En stock


Enter the world of Crystal Delights

Crystal Delights designs and creates sex toys and plugs in glass for over a dozen years! The small US-based company hand-inspects each Crystal Delights product for safety, quality and beauty before shipping. The brand is ethically motivated, pays fair wages to its glass artisans, and uses only body-safe, ethically sourced materials of exceptional quality. The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by using limited packaging materials and recycling as much as possible. Crystal Delights regularly supports charities, including cancer, sexuality positive, animal welfare, human rights and trans-affirming organizations.

Glass toys Crystal Delights are exceptionally safe. Unlike other glass toys, Crystal Delights uses only properly hardened (annealed) borosilicate glass; this glass won't break during use and is strong enough to withstand anything your body can throw at it! Poorly annealed glass can break during temperature changes or due to mechanical shock. So it's important to trust the manufacturing processes of any glass toys you sell or use. Winner of the XBIZ 2013 Award and the AVN 2012 Award in the Best Fetish Product of the Year category.

The brand's latest range, the Glitter collection is simply magical. If you've always dreamed of being a "cute little rabbit", this is the accessory for you!

With this little rabbit tail, you're sure to turn heads. We've selected for you the classic Crystal Delight glass plug, to which we've attached a small, removable synthetic fur bunny tail, an adorable accessory for your erotic play. In addition to the pleasure you'll get from this plug, your anatomy will be in perfect condition to receive all the love there is.

This plug is handmade with medical Borosilicate glass and fills with tiny crystals before sealing, ensuring optimal comfort and totally safe use.

Product dimensions (approximate as each product is handmade and therefore unique) :

Length (in) 3.4 +/-
Bulb Diameter (in) 1.3 +/-
Weight (oz) 4+

Due to its sexual nature, this product cannot be returned or exchanged.

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Borosilicate glass: 

  • To clean your glass plug, water and soap work wonders. You can also use a soft cloth with a little denatured alcohol or diluted bleach.
  • For your safety, if you wish to adjust the temperature of your plug, we recommend not using the microwave or freezer but simply running it underwater at the desired temperature.

Genuine fur: 

  • Treat the fur as you would any other real fur. Have it cleaned by a specialist.
  • For the good maintenance of your fur, we advise you first of all to keep your plug in a dry, ventilated, dark and cool place.
  • Avoid keeping your object in a bag and prefer a ventilated area.
  • Avoid bringing the fur into contact with chemicals such as perfume, hairspray...
  • If the fur gets wet, we advise you to let it dry in the open air and avoid using a hairdryer or bringing it near a heat source. We advise you not to brush it either, but to untangle it by hand.
  • We advise you to use only water-based lubricants with your plug. Use a damp washcloth and let it air dry if it comes into contact with the lubricant.
  • Avoid pulling on the tail, as this may cause damage.

Synthetic Fur :

  • We recommend that you untangle your faux fur tail with a specialized wig brush. Do not repeat this operation too often, it could damage the synthetic fibre.
  • Do not use hair colouring on your tail.
  • Prefer products specialized in the maintenance of synthetic fiber.
  • Store your plug in a dry, cool place away from dust and moisture. Hang it up or lay it down if you want to prevent it from getting tangled.
  • Avoid wetting the synthetic fibre. Instead, use baby wipes to clean your tail, rub the fibre in one direction only, do not rinse and leave to air dry.
  • Avoid pulling on the tail, as this may cause damage.

We invite you to consult our C.G.V. (Article 4.) in order to know the terms of return and exchange. Pursuant to the provisions of Articles L 121-16 et seq. of the Consumer Code (Hamon Law 2014).

The Brigade Mondaine accepts the return of the products, only and only if, these last ones do not comprise any trace of dirtiness, odor or any other mark of use. The Brigade Mondaine thus reserves the right to refuse a product considered as not resaleable in the state. The Brigade Mondaine is the only one to be able to note the state of these products and its opinion is authentic. In the case of a refusal of the return for reason of products become unsuitable for the resale, the articles will then be forwarded as is to the customer, only after payment of the forwarding expenses by the customer.

For obvious hygienic reasons, items such as intimate accessories (plugs, sex toys, rosebuds... ), erotic cosmetics, breast jewelry (nippies, pasties...), foot accessories, stockings and pantyhose, body jewelry or intimate jewelry (such as Fungi - Elica D'Oro, Upko), body harnesses, thongs or body jewelry (such as Lucky Cheeks, Couture de Nuit or Bracli) and all "sexual" products are not returnable, exchangeable or refundable once the order has been finalized by the Customer.

Creations made to order by designers Una Burke, Lauren Dickinson Clarke, INCARNEM by Marine Billet, Fräulein Kink, Ludovica Martire, Baed Stories, SPNKD, KILTER, KAIMIN Official, Asche & Gold, Couture de Nuit, Crystal Eyez, Adele Brydges, Elif Domanic, FIGURE OF A, POSIE Lingerie and HERVÉ by Céline Marie or any other item indicated in the product sheet as such, are neither returned nor exchanged nor refundable, once the order has been finalized by the Customer.

The brands in liquidation such as Bluebella, Dora Larsen, Opaak, Superbe, Ruban Noir as well as the products proposed in the category SALE - END OF COLLECTIONS - OUTLET - PRIVATE SALE are neither taken back nor exchanged nor refundable, once the order finalized by the Customer. These products are heavily discounted and automatically sealed before dispatch to the customer.

The gift packaging are neither taken back nor exchanged. The event products made in LIMITED EDITION are neither returned nor exchanged. The Brigade Mondaine sets are neither returned nor exchanged.


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