Vero Bordelle

The collection Spring Summer 24 Bordelle offers a combination of innovations around a couture lingerie ever stronger and ever more bondage chic. The ranges Mari and Vero are focused on feminine contouring and luxury bodywear.

The design concept is based on the classic architecture of Venice and the vibrant turbulence of Ibiza. Grandiosity and playfulness come together to bring women all the facets of heightened sensuality. To these two new collections, Bordelle adds a unique range accessory (chokers, bracelets, belts...) created around their bold new monogram, a bespoke 24-carat gold-plated component that represents a modern shift for the brand. Available in Black, Dusty Blue, Eden, Pink Magenta and Navy Blue. And exclusive to just a handful of boutiques worldwide, including Brigade Mondaine Paris Rive Gauche, THE adjustable Bondage Angela dress. Bordelle Signature in extremely minute quantities. For the first time Angela adjustable Bondage dress will be sold as part of the main collection in 3 exclusive colors, available in all five sizes. Returning to the brand's original concept of bondage-luxe bodywear and outerwear, Vero combines signature knitwear with a new smoothing Jersey. With an emphasis on exceptional fit and comfort, the collection features unique new shapes with hooping and geometric layering details inspired by Venetian checks. Cleverly placed opaque panels offer strategic coverage to create multifunctional lingerie designed to serve as outerwear.

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