Black Leather Studded Paddle

Color   Black

Composition   Italian vegetable tanned leather, Stainless Steel & Metal

100% Handmade United Kingdom

199,90 INCL. VAT
166,58 HT

Disponibilité : In stock


Kilter Luxury BDSM leather accessories for liberated women!

The new high-end English brand Kilter was designed by an exceptional woman for exceptional women, women who are liberated in their heads, bodies and with sex. Born out of a desire to create luxury leather pleasure accessories for women who don't play by the rules, Kilter is designed for those with a discerning taste for celebrating everyone and every body. Kilter is about respecting each other's pleasure and wants to allow women to feel comfortable with their sensuality and develop their own sexual style.

At KilterAll bondage products are made from the finest Italian vegetable-tanned leather and lined with natural suede for a more comfortable experience. The quality of pleasure products is exceptional, with each piece handcrafted in small batches in the UK. Studded for a spanking that stings deliciously, this bold version of the classic Paddle is perfect for an effective impact session. Crafted from Italian leather and reinforced with spring steel for a cleaner spanking, this creation is thoughtfully designed to last. Available in silver-finish black or gold-finish tan, the Paddle Clouté is as powerful as it is elegant.

  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Reinforced with spring steel
  • Burnished edges with discreetly embossed logo
  • Delicate chain wrist loop for extra support
  • One size fits all (from 15,24 cm to 25,4 cm ) - Width 5,08 cm

Kilter, the luxury brand committed to women

Luxury leather pleasure products to allow liberated women to confidently pursue authentic intimate experiences. We can't truly incorporate this into our brand DNA without recognizing that the movement for gender equality is still being fought for and therefore not all women are truly liberated. In many countries around the world, women continue to fight for our safety, our healthcare and against gender-based violence among many other inequalities. As a company, the brand is committed to donating 5 % of their gross profit to the Global Fund for Women.

Kilter products are delivered in protective pouches. This collection is made to order.

BDSM & Bondage
While understanding exactly what bondage is, it helps to understand it within the broader spectrum of BDSM. An acronym that stands for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism is another term that is often misrepresented. For example, sadism and masochism, or S&M, is often considered an extreme form of kink. In reality, it's something that many enjoy, whether it's a light spanking or a light smothering. There are dozens of variations of bondage sex, just as there are hundreds of ways to explore the other principles involved in BDSM. The only important thing is simply knowing how to perform BDSM safely;

A word most of us know, but many don't fully understand. Part sensual experimentation, part power play, it falls under the "B" in the generic term, BDSM. You may have heard of handcuffs and ropes. You may have seen 'How to Build a Sex Room'... Yet bondage and BDSM are much more than what the media often portrays.

Bondage, in simple terms, involves being consensually restrained or holding another person. It involves elements of control, power and all the thrill of using pleasure and pain in sex... And studies show that more than one in five people enjoy participating in it as well.

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