Gift Service

The gift service is a service that Brigade Mondaine offers you, which you can benefit from throughout the year.
What does this great gift pack include?

A Brigade Mondaine silk satin pouch to store your fine lingerie or your SM and BDSM accessories.
A necklace, designed and handmade in Limited Edition with gold-plated finishes, to hang the Brigade Mondaine on your neck.
A customizable card, designed by The Naughty Notary and created in partnership with Brigade Mondaine.

Add a personal, sweet, romantic and/or erotic message! Finish your order in style with a luxurious packaging bearing the Brigade Mondaine logo!


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The Brigade Mondaine Gift Service allows you to offer the products ordered (fine lingerie or SM/BDSM erotic accessories) in a beautiful black silk satin pouch with the logo of the Brigade Mondaine in gold glitter. It is a pouch available in small size in black color, but also in white in large size.

In addition, in this small gift pack, you can find a Limited Edition Black Choker, composed of a small pendant or four rings. Indeed, the choker available in the gift packaging exists in two models! But these two chokers will give you the same effect: a small neck hug, the elegance of gold and the unique look of this choker!

On top of that, we offer you a card born from the collaboration between The Naughty Notary and Brigade Mondaine. It is a customizable card, which you can find in your gift pack. You can send us the message so that we can write it on the card. We can deliver your messages of love, or your erotic messages!

Succumb to our gift pack for the pleasure of your partner!

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