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POSIE, Luxury Lingerie - Sustainable Lingerie - Floral Lingerie.

The English lingerie brand is designed for the free-spirited bohemians of the world. Women who dare to stand out from the crowd, those with strong determination and who care about the planet. Lingerie designed to empower, to tap into divine femininity.  Posie Lingerie is handmade and ethically produced in the UK. Posie favors the use of sustainable and organic materials.

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Posie Upshall is the creative mind behind Posie. With an academic background in Contour Fashion, she went on to found her eponymous company that perfectly merges her two passions - lingerie and sustainability.

Posie Upshall -

"If you aspire to be part of the revolution where we say no to fast fashion, we buy beautiful products for longevity, and we care for the planet and its people, then you have come to the right place."

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