Incarnem Logo representation in black

Brigade Mondaine welcomes among its designers, the jewel modeler Marine Billet.

INCARNEM by Marine Billet, an intimate collection made in very limited series in her Parisian workshop.

Unique pieces that sublimate the body.

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Marine Billet offers her sensitive look at human architecture for its artistic and technical qualities.
Trained as an architect, she started a reconversion as a jeweler in 2016 and became a model maker for haute couture houses. Her years of experience have allowed her to refine her favorite skills which are molding, impressions and the ancestral technique of lost wax casting.
Her fascination for casting, the appropriation of the identical, allows her to modify her relationship to the world and to sensualize these prints that she steals, to deposit them on the body.
She created the INCARNEM brand of jewelry and accessories, sculptural pieces that can be adorned like a second skin. She produces unique and custom-made pieces in her Parisian workshop.

Jewelry modeler in the field of fashion, Marine also creates unique pieces for the fashion shows of the haute couture houses.

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