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Drag and burlesque are ancient art forms that have evolved over time to become powerful means of personal expression and social critique. In these performances, erotic lingerie is often used as a transformative tool, allowing artists to play with notions of gender, sexuality and power.

In the world of drag, performers often use extravagant and provocative outfits to embody exuberant characters. Lingerie is a key element of these outfits, allowing artists to play with codes of femininity and masculinity and create unique characters.

In burlesque, erotic lingerie is at the heart of the performance. Performers use corsets, fishnet stockings, garter belts and other suggestive lingerie to create sensual numbers such as nippies.

Beyond aesthetics and performance, the use of erotic lingerie in these shows is also a political act. By deliberately exposing their bodies and reclaiming their sexuality, drag and burlesque performers defy the norms that seek to control and repress the female and queer body.

Matrix suspender skirt from the brand Kaimin. The product is a skirt with a large piece on the front that wraps the belly. On the hips fine elastics are arranged and joined at the back by two rows of rings. The whole is a full-bodied pink color and each elastic is adjustable.


SAVOR Top grey, slightly transparent with Swarovski crystals bare back CRYSTAL EYEZ at BRIGADE MONDAINE

The lingerie designer Crystal Eyez offers a wide range of outfits to steal the show: bodysuits, tights, dazzling tops, jumpsuits and harnessesall adorned with Swarovski diamonds to capture every sparkle of the scene.

The Top & Choker Savor Strass Silver is ideal for capturing your audience's attention, guaranteeing dazzling brilliance in the spotlight.


Model wearing the Undress Code Go For It bodysuit, posing on an ironing board.

Undress Code presents a refined selection of bodysuits, each with a unique style, ideal for enhancing the silhouette. Embellished with a variety of accessories, these pieces are veritable must-haves in the lingerie wardrobe of any performing artist.

Comfortable, elegant and uncluttered, the bodies Undress Code offer total freedom of movement, allowing you to dance unhindered.


Black Galaxy bodysuit from Kaimin. The bodysuit has a high waist shape with a harness that attaches like a choker. Crystal chains are connected from the hips to the top of the buttocks. The whole is decorated with black lace.

The American brand Kaimin offers exceptional, luxury lingerie. Worn by Lady Gaga in her "Stupid Love" videoThis brand's lingerie is perfect for a colorful, high-quality show.

We find pink and purple sets, a 24-carat gold Galaxy bodysuit, and pink chrome nippies. Erotic lingerie takes on its full meaning when worn on stage with a colorful, flamboyant total look.

The use of erotic lingerie in drag and burlesque shows is an act of courage and resistance. It's an affirmation of self, a celebration of diversity and individual beauty.

Stage lingerie has an importance far beyond its purely aesthetic aspect in drag and burlesque shows. It represents a powerful symbol of courage and resistance, where each carefully chosen piece becomes a bold statement of the wearer's identity and beauty.

Brands such as Undress Code, Kaimin and Crystal Eyez play an essential role in this self-expression, offering unique and provocative designs that allow each artist to feel fully authentic on stage. These shows thus become spaces for celebrating diversity in all its forms, where lingerie becomes an instrument of liberation and emancipation. By embracing erotic lingerie, performers reaffirm their right to self-expression and their ability to break norms, while inspiring others to do the same in their own journey towards self-acceptance and self-confidence.

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