Unbearable Lightness, the must-have collection from Atelier Amour

Unbearable Lightness by Atelier Amour, lightness and softness for all summer

Black open suspender belt and simple black harness set from the Unbearable lightness collection by Atelier Amour at Brigade Mondaine

A transparent and light tulle

The Atelier Amour lingerie is a new concept of erotic underweara sensual sharing intended for lovers of lacing games, subtle details, transparent materials ... You get it, lingerie and accessories lingerie ultra sexy....

The collections are numerous and the products on offer are just as numerous, from the panties fun to tear up, at the top in transparent fishnet, with body to be unhooked, through the bras open, baskets, balconies, bustiers or triangle...

But pieces always rock'n'roll leave free rein to the games of seduction.

The materials used are carefully selected from the best

Delicate and refined eroticism...So chic!

The model in the photograph is wearing a tulle bodysuit Atelier Amour. This body is made of black tulle. It has golden closures above the chest.

Unbearable Lightness, Atelier Amour's trendiest collection for this summer

A fine tulle totally transparent and finishes of infinite softness sublimate the silhouette. The small buttons mischievously placed invite to play and discover the body according to your desires.

The trend this summer will be towards transparency: tulle, a light and transparent material, is our favorite for this summer.

A light bodysuit worn with jeans for a sexy, romantic, urban attitude...

Take advantage of the Unbearable Lightness collection to create airy outfits for your summer!

The Unbearable Lightness Kit is black and contains 14 adjustable ties of different lengths (2 long, 4 medium and 8 small).

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