Bordelle Signature - Discover or rediscover the emblems of SM luxury fashion

Collection Signature by BORDELLE in satin elastic at Brigade Mondaine

Bordelle Signature adopt the best sellers of the brand!

Two models pose with lingerie sets from the brand Bordelle. They wear black garters, composed of adjustable elastics.

Pieces with unique cuts by Bordelle signature

BORDELLE holds this French name, evoking a house of "bad reputation", is an ironic wink between sex and fashion. Its ambition is to remain an independent fashion house and to erase the barriers between clothing and underwear: thus, to propose lingerie that shows itself and mixes luxury and sensuality. Atelier Bordelle's aesthetic is rooted in a unique technique that combines satin elastic bands and a variety of fabrics to create iconic pieces that showcase sensuality. SM luxe ».

Collection Signature BORDELLE in black satin elastic, dress, skirt and crop top bondage adjustable and gold details at Brigade Mondaine

The Angela dressthe iconic model of the Signature range

The iconic Angela corset dress, the "masterpiece" of Bordelle is revisited in an even more luxurious and modern version.

Handcrafted in a limited edition using stretch satin elastics and 24-karat gold plating, the Angela Bondage dress is fully adjustable with a series of adjustable back zippers.

Fashion accessory or Choker Bondage ?

The necklace is a must in the world of fashion and bondage!

The choker is a very common piece of jewelry that will undoubtedly enhance your neck. BDSM chokers, also known as chokers, are becoming increasingly popular as a fashion accessory. Submission chokers, often paired with BDSM leashes, will be your best allies during your BDSM parties.

This accessory will only accentuate your dominance and/or submission.

The chokers in limited edition are declined in different versions, discover them right here and find the piece which corresponds to you on the Collection Signature Bordelle!

Three models wear lingerie items from the brand Bordelle. Exclusive Angela Black Dress, Art Deco Ruby Crossed Bra.

The Bordelle creations are fully adjustable and suitable for all body types

The collection Signature at Bordelle100% is a great value.

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