Woman seated on the ground against a white background wearing tights from the new Bordelle collection, with black pumps, matching the Angela dress in black.

The art of fusing lingerie with ready-to-wear is booming, and we're here to guide you through four inspiring ways to embrace this trend in style. Explore with us these irresistible combinations that add a touch of femininity and mystery to your everyday wardrobe.

Lingerie, often associated with the intimacy of the bedroom, now invites itself into the light of day, blending harmoniously with ready-to-wear to create ensembles that are both daring and elegant. From delicate lace and structured bustiers to versatile bodysuits and confidently displayed bras, each piece plays an essential role in creating a unique style, reflecting the wearer's personality and confidence.

Explore with us these irresistible combinations that add a touch of femininity and mystery to your everyday wardrobe. Dive into a world where lingerie is no longer just a private affair, but becomes an essential part of your personal expression, a declaration of self-confidence and freedom.

Whether you're a lover of delicate lace, an admirer of bustiers, a fan of bodysuits or an advocate of proudly flaunted bras, below you'll find inspiration for reinventing your style and asserting your wardrobe.

1. Lace - Atelier Amour

Lace, a symbol of femininity and sensuality in lingerie, has found a new place in our everyday outfits with, for example Atelier Amour. From delicately sheer tops to lightweight babydolls adorned with delicate patterns, lace adds a touch of mystery and sophistication to every look. Worn with confidence, it reveals your sensual side while maintaining a timeless elegance.

2. Bustier - Vixen & Fox

Woman posing with peacock-inspired Vixen & Fox Monarchy bustier, matched with black jacket.

Bustiers, once reserved for the bedroom, are now being reinvented for daytime wear. Paired with oversized blazers or flowing skirts, these lingerie pieces add a touch of structure and elegance to your outfit. Give free rein to your creativity by mixing textures and styles for a look that's both daring and sophisticated, with the Bold and Monarchy from Vixen & Fox.

3. Body - Undress Code

Photo of a model wearing the Undress Code It Suits You bodysuit on a white background, with black pants.

The bodysuit, a true ally of the figure, has become a ready-to-wear staple. With Undress CodeDiscover how to incorporate this versatile piece into your everyday wardrobe. Worn with tailored pants for a professional look, or with jeans for a casual look, the bodysuit offers a sleek, elegant silhouette to suit any occasion. Comfortable and chic, this lingerie piece accompanies you from day to night in style.

4. Bra - Bordelle Lingerie

Black Minerva set with gold metallic details
BORDELLE-Signature Waspie Classic Adjustable Black

Finally, dare to make your bra the centrepiece of your outfit with Bordelle. Choose a lingerie model that's both comfortable and sophisticated, then pair it with an open jacket for an ultra-trendy look. This unexpected combination is both eye-catching and elegant, revealing your sense of style.

Mixing lingerie and ready-to-wear is more than just a trend: it's a way of reinventing your wardrobe. Whether you opt for lace, bustiers, bodysuits or bras, let yourself be inspired by these sensual pieces and dare to push back the boundaries of fashion.

Whatever your preference, remember that the key to style lies in self-confidence. So dare to be yourself and let your inner light shine through every outfit and piece of lingerie you wear.

Always remember that elegance and daring are within reach when you combine lingerie with ready-to-wear. Let these tips inspire you to create unique looks that reflect your style and personality.

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