The Model Traitor

THE MODEL TRAITOR created by Sian Hoffman, is the new reference in the universe luxury bondage and the bodywear erotic. Based in London, the brand has conquered the world of luxury BDSM at whip speed.
Each creation is delicate with a touch of elegance and audacity. This brand is now a must-have and affirms femininity with class in the most extreme sensuality. Inspired by the illustrations of John Willie, the pioneer of fetish photography, and by ancient disciplinary and erotic objects, THE MODEL TRAITOR offers us a wide selection of indispensable objects for BDSM with timeless, traditional, safe and resistant designs. swifts DM, of the submissive collarss, of the bdsm handcuffss, of the playsuits s, of the harness….
The best of decadence for the demanding debauchery!

The model traitorthe bondage brand par excellence on Brigade MondaineA mixture of power and eroticism. The model traitor knows how to sublimate the feminine sensuality with BDSM accessories sexy and chic! Necklace, handcuffs, whip, harness, panties... Something to spice up your evenings and please your partner! 

Leathergolden details, satin... the pieces from Model traitor will make you fall in love! 

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