MIA Atelier

Maria Radoslavova, creator of the MIA Atelier brand, believes that the accessory is the centrepiece of an outfit or set of luxury lingerie.
All her creations are made by her, by hand, from top-of-the-range leather, in her workshop in Bulgaria. Strong, elegant and divinely feminine pieces that you will wear proudly to complete your most chic outfits. Brigade Mondaine can guarantee that the BDSM jewelry or accessory you will receive has been made by Mia Atelier only for you, with the utmost respect for craftsmanship.

Maria Radoslavova, creator of Mia Atelier considers the accessory to be the centerpiece of any outfit. The jewelry and accessories are inspired by a rather geometrical architecture. The accessories of luxury proposed by the brand are numerous. You can find on Brigade Mondaine : of harnesss, of the headliness, of the braceletss, of the chokersas well as handcuffsbut also belts with pockets in leather. Your accessories can be used for your intimate sessions as well as being the centerpiece of your outfit.

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