Fungi - Elica D'oro

Exclusively on Brigade Mondaine, you can discover body jewellery of the most sensual ! Luxurious pieces from the "From all Time" and "Devient Spirit" collections of the luxury brand Fungi - Elica D'oro by Alev Kandemir. Alev Kandemir's dreamlike style transcends her creations. Each of her body jewels develops a positive atmosphere or a cosmic element. The body chains are handmade from 24 carat gold plating, guaranteed Swarovski crystals, mother of pearl, semi-precious stones (agate, jade...) in the brand's workshops in Turkey since 2007.

All jewels are lac-plated and under Swarovski's guarantee.

Brigade Mondaine is proud to represent Fungis, of the body jewellery handmade from 24 carat gold platedof Swarovski crystals guaranteed, from mother-of-pearl and semi-precious stones in the brand's workshops. Elica D'oro, the designer, has imagined body chains perfect to accompany a meal with a luxury lingerie seta harness or a sublime bra. Find our selection of body jewelry and intimate jewelry.

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