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A secret you'll want to flash...

Flash you and me luxury lingerie and bondage harnesses for women; founded in 2013 by designer Līva Šteina. You and Me encourages women to explore their sensual side by sharing special moments around bondage lingerie with lovers.

The young family brand knows how to be very active on social networks in order to stay close to its customers and pays special attention to their satisfaction. The bondage lingerie designs of Flash You and Me are playful and fashionable, the DNA of the brand and its artistic director. Flash lingerie is handmade in Latvia from organic cotton, lace, satin elastic and fine fishnet.

The harness of Flash lingerie can be combined with many bondage or classic lingerie sets, your combination will be the best.


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Harness luxury bondage...Flash You an Me a of luxury designer

Bondage lingerie has become a must-have even for the uninformed public. Bondage lingerie is at the same time feminine, exciting and original. The emblematic piece is the bondage harness that can be found in elastic like the sexy harnesses of Flash You and Me but also in leather or in the form of body jewellery. Bondage lingerie is inspired by the bondage and its constraintswe wrap and bind the body with sexy straps. You have understood it is the current trend in lingerie and it is not about to stop; The lingerie brands of designers or popular become more and more daring and offer in their lingerie collections, some harness for women, some bra open, open panties, all elastic suspender belts for a very erotic silhouette. Lingerie is becoming fierce and modern, it has never been so useful to women. Bondage lingerie is the perfect seduction tool for the self-conscious woman who loves a little provocation now and then....

At Brigade Mondaine we propose many bondage lingerie designers, find Flash You and Me but also BordelleThe Couture de Nuit with its velvet elastic harnesses, Fraulein Kink and her leather lady harnesses or Figure of A with his shibari harnesses throughout our pages.

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