Elif Domanic Boudoir

Luxury leather, fetish, BDSM and Bondage accessories.
Brigade Mondaine is proud to integrate ELIF DOMANIC Boudoir in his talents.
Here you will find all the accessories BDSM leather that you dream of, from the harnessleather bras, leather bras, leather nippiess, of the maskss, of the handcuffsrestraints, restraint bars, gags, leather g-strings, leather thongs, and paddlesgloves, gloves chokers
Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by Elif Domanic in his studio in Moda, Istanbul.

Elif Domanic Boudoir...

Luxury accessories

in leather, fetish, BDSM and Bondage.

Elif Domanic started as a styling and shopping editor at Marie Claire after studying fashion design. It was during her stay in London that her heart fell in love with the bondage world and Elif Domanic bought his very first harness in the sulfurous neighborhood of Camden Town. Back in Istanbul, she launches her own brand and makes her first harnesses for video and photo shoots. Although she was trained to work with fabric, she never felt comfortable with it; leather, on the other hand, was love at first sight. Its hardness and texture were in perfect harmony with the world she wanted to create. Since 2012, Elif Domanic has been learning, researching and experimenting with leather work. She is always challenging herself to balance rigidity and femininity without taming the material. Elif Domanic likes to be practical while working on old and new designs, which has placed her eponymous brand Elif Domanic Boudoir in a unique position in Turkey.

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