Dora Larsen

Dora Larsen is a young London-based brand, created in 2016 by Georgia Larsen, a lover of lingerie, aesthetics and colours. A former fashion blogger and then buyer for a big brand, she decided to launch herself and create her own brand.
This brand mixes colors and contemporary models of lingerie. Acidic aesthetics and perfect fit are the codes of Dora Larsen for a sublimated and radiant silhouette. Currently managed by the Larsen couple, this brand offers a range of contemporary lingerie but also proposes nightwear. All collections are designed in London and produced in limited quantities.
The pieces are sexy and detonating so that only you, the sweet and sensual mermaid, are seen. Sabina, Rupa, Adrianaall these will reason in your mind. Let Ms. Larsen's plays tempt you.


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Dora Larsen is a growing brand in London's capital city. Georgia Larsen, creator of the brand, is a former fashion blogger then buyer for a major brand, she decides to go ahead and create her own brand.

Now running the company with her husband, Jake, they continue to develop and offer two collections per year. These different products, combining colors and contemporary design, are limited edition pieces. Dora Larsen's codes for a sublimated and radiant silhouette are acidic aesthetics and perfect fit. The pieces are sexy and explosive so that only you are seen, a sweet and sensual mermaid. These pieces are designed to enhance your everyday life. Allow your breasts the luxury of being held in place by the best bra possible, whether it's open bras, or bras with front closure, lace or tulle, be sure to choose the best for your body. Spoil it, and treat your body like it deserves! You will feel more beautiful and confident. Our bras will be your best assets! A lingerie set consists of a top and a bottom (that makes sense to you). However, there are so many choices, and we don't know where to start. So let's clear it up. Panties: women's underwear covering both the buttocks and the genital area. Panties are part of the underwear the most used by the female gente. The panties are often, for the majority in cotton but we can find a great part in lace or other materials. The panties can have various forms, in particular the high waist panties. Wearing high-waisted panties allows you to sculpt your lower body and enhance your shape.

Looking for a bodysuit? The woman's bodysuit sublimates your body, and adapts to all situations. Worn as a ready to wear or as lingerie, this versatile item will fit all occasions. Choose a lace bodysuit to enhance your figure and assert your femininity. The thong bodysuit will replace your outfit, and make way for a sexy shape, accentuating your hips and curves. Feel sexy in a black lace bodysuit, a classic in lingerie. A backless bodysuit or the long sleeve bodysuit could be a strong piece for your outfits, to associate with more basic pieces, jeans, complemented by a transparent shirt, it will not fail to satisfy your desires for style!

 Choose a bodysuit with a neckline, and highlight your upper body! The bodysuit will be your best ally, and is an essential piece in your wardrobe. It will be as successful as a piece of lingerie, as a piece of ready-to-wear. For a femme fatale effect, opt for the catsuit, an incredibly sexy piece that will highlight every curve, every part of your body. Discover now the whole range Dora Larsen that we're offering you.

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