BoundUP Erotic lingerie sets for role-playing and spicing up your intimate relationships. BoundUP is a line of luxury lace and satin lingerie with gold-plated finishes, inspired by designer Aliona Symonova's belief that everything worth living for begins with something worth desiring. The sexy lingerie brand encourages women to express their sexual desires, passions and fantasies. BoundUP's luxurious creations come in ready-to-give gift boxes with game cards to help you express your desires.

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Luxurious bras!

Brigade Mondaine offers a wide selection of bras for all tastes, from our different luxury lingerie designers.

Give your breasts the luxury of being held in place by the best bra possible, whether it's open bras, or bras with front closure, lace or tulle, be sure to choose the best for your body.

Treat your body the way it deserves to be treated! You'll feel more beautiful and confident.

Our Bound UP bras will be your best assets! Open lingerie is the best way to show off your assets. Why hide them? When you can show them off with boldness and pride.

Bound UP luxury lingerie

Our selection of luxury lingerie includes a wide range of lingerie that will arouse the desire of your partner. You will find everything you need to seduce and demonstrate your desires and fantasies.

You can express your passion and feelings in a variety of ways. Let yourself be carried away by the suggestions of the Bound UP brand. A few cards are provided as a complement to the purchase of these products to make your erotic games as entertaining as possible.

Satisfy your irresistible desires by choosing the best way to bring all your desires to life and have fun with a little sex play. Unleash your passion and discover new ways to be sophisticated and satisfied.

BoundUp will show you dozens of ways to satisfy yourself with naughty play. Lingerie sets in satin, vegan leather and silk to meet all your needs.

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