Anita Nemkyova

ANITA NEMKYOVA, of Slovakian origin, studied in Great Britain where she first learned the art of stage costume, allowing her to develop a solid knowledge in terms of technicality, but also a true love for leather work. The designer draws inspiration from Slovakian culture and know-how, combining tradition and modernity in her designs. This combination truly embodies the aesthetic signature of her work. All creations are entirely handmade in her workshop and made with carefully selected materials, leathers and copper nails from Italy and England to ensure quality and durability. True leather sculptures designed to transform the female silhouette into a real jewel.
Succumb for the Lotus corset in leather. Fully adjustable, it is THE perfect piece to accessorize your most elegant outfits. You will be the most remarkable flower in the bouquet!


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Anita is a designer who uses leather that is environmentally friendly and soft enough to sculpt the beauty of the female body. All pieces, handmade by Anita, are produced in standard sizes and various colors to meet your expectations. Anita is very concerned about the environment in the leather she uses, she works in collaboration with Italian and English tanneries. Discover her leather and eco responsible products. Discover the accessories of our designer...

Paddle leather

A paddle, or spanking paddle, will be in the form of a paddle, and will serve the purpose of slapping the person (or yourself) with a smooth, soft touch. Although innocent looking, the spanking paddle will prove to be versatile, and will be the perfect accessory for your BDSM games. The paddle will be the tool to punish your partner when he has been bad, and will make your bondage session all the more exciting. The handle is comfortable and easy to use, for violent or soft wrist movements, without a snag!

Choker leather

A choker is a style of collar born in the 90s, and was called "Dog Collar". Coming back very fashionable, the choker is a collar worn at neck level and is available in different materials, such as leather, ribbon, elastic, and many others... In streetlook, the choker is an essential piece to wear the perfect outfit, but above all it is a necessary accessory for your practices. BDSMmore or less perverse ! Chokers have become a must-have, so don't wait any longer and succumb!

Leather corsets 

The corset is an undergarment mainly female existing and worn since the 16th century. It is a piece of clothing that was created essentially for two purposes: on the one hand, to sculpt the waist to adapt it to the clothes worn and on the other hand, to support the chest. The corset is a product that has been worn by both women and men. The corset has evolved through the ages in its forms, its length and the materials used. In the BDSM world, corsets are sexy pieces of lingerie, often made of leather, worn by the dominant person. You will find your happiness in this universe of leather!

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