13ème Lune Lingerie

 Brigade Mondaine is proud to include among its selection of luxury designers, the French brand 13ème LUNE by the talented designer Stephanie Cappellini.
The parts of luxury lingerie are handmade in the brand's workshops with the greatest care and respect for French know-how. The materials used are noble and the cuts are unique. Each range has its own style and is made with different materials, but always in the continuity of the way of thinking of the designer.
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13ème Lune Erotic Lingerie French Couture

is the luxury women's lingerie brand created by Stéphanie Cappellini in 2015, in Marseille in the south of France.
Timeless, top-of-the-range lingerie sets, imagined and made in his workshop on the Mediterranean coast. The lingerie is hand-stitched from noble and eco-responsible materials mainly from French partners to create lines of a unique, very high-end.
The human aspect is in 13ème LUNE Lingerie as important as the commitment to ecology and the animal world.
13ème Lune is the perfect expression of French know-how and love of handmade products. The universe of 13ème Lune is inspired by nature, black and romantic poetry, esotericism, a universe that wants to be unique and dreamlike in symbiosis with the universe.
Keys stylish SM are visible in its parts such as the harnesses, the chokers or the playsuits.
Strappy effects inspired by and moving away from the codes of bondage in favour of a more graphic, aesthetic and emotional image. The designs are delicate and fine while being strong and singular. Comfort is not left out, the French luxury lingerie 13ème Lune is adjustable and suitable for all feminine morphologies. Embark on a journey to the center of the Sacred Feminine and the bewitchment within ancient beliefs...

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