0770, the new Italian sensation in luxury accessories.
0770 is a brand of leather accessories, created by the duo Irene De Caprio and Enzo Pirozzi.

This Italian duo, photographer and designer, offers us very feminine, strong and sensual accessories. After 10 years of collaboration, they never cease to surprise us with pieces with strong character. The mix of materials and techniques used to create each piece makes the accessory even more powerful. The seams are handmade, the techniques of creation are drawn from the past and the modern perfectly joins the artisanal in these pieces of character. The main axis of these creations is the female body and the pride that emerges from it. The sensuality is powerful, alive and full of emotion. Pieces that characterize the woman with strength and conviction.

Discover the pieces of the collection BIANCA reflecting their love for comics. Or the powerful and unique character of the EBE collection


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The 0770 brand is an Italian leather ready-to-wear and accessories brand. This brand was born from the collaboration between the designer Enzo Pirozzi and the photographer Irene De Caprio. Their collaboration goes far beyond the brand: the duo has been working together for already 10 years and have already worked with various artists from the theater world, to the art world and through the music world. The accessories (SM necklaces) are very strong in character and targeted towards the enhancement of the feminine strength. This Neapolitan duo works with leather through different techniques and put forward their taste for well done and worked work.

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