Adele Brydges
Diletto Black & Leather Clutch

Color   Black & White Marbled

Composition  Porcelain (ceramic) Hypoallergenic

100% Handmade London

319,90 INCL. VAT
266,58 HT

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Sensual pleasure tool in porcelain Adele BrydgesLuxurious, unique and personal creation that celebrates sensuality and pleasure.

Like the best experiences, pleasure is a journey, not just a destination... On average, a piece takes the designer a week to complete.

Each piece is handcrafted in London with the finest materials and attention to detail to bring a sense of ritual, beauty and mindfulness. Your object of pleasure is created from a special, thickly molded and vitrified (high fired) porcelain known for its beauty and strength.

Ceramic is an excellent material for intimate tools; the pieces are cool, firm and reassuringly heavy with a smooth, satin finish. Porcelain is a very pure clay with a structure more like glass. Hypoallergenic, body safe and fully immersible in water.

Because of its composition and thermal shock factor, porcelain is an excellent temperature conductor; it can be heated or cooled to multiply the sensations. Ceramic is versatile, strong and beautiful.

The Diletto signed Adele Brydges the tapered monolithic pillar... The obelisk symbolized a petrified ray that penetrated the clouds and dispersed the negative energy forces that accumulated as storms. This ambiguous sensual tool is created to satisfy both aesthetics and desire.

Dimensions of the Diletto : Length: 162 mm | Depth: 19 to 28 mm (narrowest to widest) | Weight: 125g

No need for batteries. This high-end sextoy will last a lifetime if you treat it with love and respect. Can be used with any lubricant but the designer recommends a natural water-based lubricant.

A luxury packaging for an exceptional product...

Each creation is delivered in its natural non-tanned lambskin leather pouch (handmade), a presentation box sealed with Japanese cotton ribbon and a wax seal, as well as a documentation to read imperatively before use.

The creations Adele Brydges are mixed and are open to both men and women.

About Adele Brydges ...

Artist and designer based in London (UK) since 2006, Adele Brydges works with porcelain as her main medium. His philosophy is based on conscious pleasure, the functionality and natural materials. His creations are tools that celebrate pleasure, sensuality and art.

A graduate of Central St Martins College of Art and Design, Adele Brydges collaborates with some of the world's leading designers and organizes workshops around the world.

The designer produces to order and respects a drastic ethical charter.

Adele Brydges is one of the first designers in the UK to challenge the trend of mass-produced sex toys and mainstream materials and reinvent our relationship and connection with pleasure tools.

Each piece is handmade and unique, so some variation or irregularity is to be expected. All measurements are approximate as each piece is made to order from natural materials. The shrinkage rate of porcelain and the handcrafted nature of these items means that sizes and weights may vary slightly from piece to piece, but the fluctuation is not too drastic.

These creations made to order and considered as "intimate accessories" can not be exchanged or returned C.G.V. (Article 4.)

  • FRANCE: Standard delivery offered without minimum purchase.
  • INTERNATIONAL: Standard delivery offered without minimum purchase.

All orders are delivered with a free standard gift wrap with the possibility to add a personal message.

A deluxe Signature Brigade Mondaine gift pack, including a satin pouch, a choker and a customizable card, is available for a fee at checkout.

Brigade Mondaine does not charge taxes (VAT FR 20%) for customers outside the EU.

To benefit from this, the customer must reside and be delivered outside the EU.

The price list is updated automatically on the order page, as soon as the delivery address is indicated.

We invite you to consult our C.G.V. (Article 4.) in order to know the terms of return and exchange. Pursuant to the provisions of Articles L 121-16 et seq. of the Consumer Code (Hamon Law 2014).

The Brigade Mondaine accepts the return of the products, only and only if, these last ones do not comprise any trace of dirtiness, odor or any other mark of use. The Brigade Mondaine thus reserves the right to refuse a product considered as not resaleable in the state. The Brigade Mondaine is the only one to be able to note the state of these products and its opinion is authentic. In the case of a refusal of the return for reason of products become unsuitable for the resale, the articles will then be forwarded as is to the customer, only after payment of the forwarding expenses by the customer.

For obvious reasons of hygiene, items such as intimate accessories (plugs, sex toys, rosebuds... ), erotic cosmetics, petplay UPKO X TOUCHDOG products, breast jewelry (nippies, pasties...), foot accessories, stockings and tights, body jewelry or intimate jewelry (such as Fungi - Elica D'Oro, Upko), thongs or body jewelry (such as Lucky Cheeks or Bracli) are neither returned nor exchanged nor refundable, once the order is finalized by the Customer.

The creations made to order by the designers INCARNEM by Marine Billet, Fräulein Kink, Baed Stories, SPNKD, KILTER, KAIMIN Official, Asche & Gold, BoundUp, Crystal Eyez, Adele Brydges, Elif Domanic, FIGURE OF A, Stephanie SANTOS and HERVÉ by Céline Marie or any other item indicated in the product sheet as such, are neither returned nor exchanged nor refundable once the order is finalized by the Customer.

The brands in liquidation such as Bluebella, Dora Larsen, Loveday London, Opaak, Superbe, Ruban Noir as well as the products proposed in the category END OF COLLECTIONS - OUTLET - PRIVATE SALE (Sales) are neither taken back nor exchanged nor refundable, once the order finalized by the Customer. These products benefit of a major discount and are seals automatically before the expedition to the client.

The Brigade Mondaine sets, gift packaging, event products made in LIMITED EDITION are neither returned nor exchanged.

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