Pleasure Voucher 1000€

1 000,00 

1 000,00 

Description du Produit

No idea what kind of gift could please her but you want to surprise her ?

Stop mulling it over, with the Brigade Mondaine Intimate Gift Voucher, you are sure to please her !

What a better way to indulge your lover when you are hurried to make a present and when you cannot make a choice, or simply if you want to choose with her without spoil the surprise;

In any case it is the better way to find the perfect gift !

The Gift Voucher is sent to the person of your choice by mail, you can add a personalized message.

Photo Céline Andrea ©

  • You order one or several Gift Voucher like any other product.
  • By default, the E-card will be sent to you. We can send it to the person of your choice; Indicate the name and email address in the “Order Notes” page of your order.
  • When your order is confirmed, you or the person of your choice will receive an email including the Gift Voucher and all the explanations to use it.
  • The total amount of your oder must be equal or superior to the total amount of the used Gift Voucher(s) : If the total amount is inferior enter several codes to the amount of the Gift Voucher(s), the remaining balance is lost, no reimbursement or credit note is possible. If the total amount is superior to the amount of the Gift Voucher(s), you must pay the difference.
  • Available 1 year throughout the entire Shop from the purchase date and usable once only.
  • You can use several Gift Vouchers per order and to take profit of the current discounts and free delivery (from 100€ for France and 500€ for International).
  • Non-refundable, non exchangeable.
  • The Gift Vouchers are no subject to VAT.
  1. Make your shopping on Brigade Mondaine
  2. Place item(s) into basket
  3. Enter the code of your Gift Voucher on the field « Coupon code »
  4. If you have several Gift Vouchers you can cumulate them and enter several codes.  Their total amount will be deducted from the total amount of your order. The payment of your order can be completed by another method of payment if the total amount of your order is superior to the amount of the Gift Voucher(s).
  5. Confirm your order.

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