The shorty is a piece of fine lingerie known for its comfort. It covers your buttocks, while leaving a slight glimpse of the bottom of your buttocks, for a sexy side. The advantage of this underwear woman is that it can be worn for any occasion, and it promotes above all comfort. The shorty can also be called boxer woman, and will come to cover a good part of your hips, and your buttocks.

Find the shortys of Atelier Amour and Flash You And Me here, and fall in love with their colors and comfortable shapes!


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Do you want comfort? Look no further!

The shorty is made for you. A panty that will sit on your hips, cover your buttocks, while leaving a small glimpse of your curvature. Several types exist: lace shorts, to add an elegant and sexy side to your comfort shorts, otherwise, panty sheathing, which will refine your body, and give you a wasp waist while erasing the curves of the hips. This very comfortable thin lingerie will fit your shape, without suffocating you at the waist. It is the favorite underwear for the night, combined with a small black and comfortable top.

What to wear it with?

For a romantic look, pair your favorite shorty with a bustier, and pull out your favorite kimono. Pull out your tulle shorty when you're feeling glamorous, and don't hesitate to wear it with everything. With a dress or trousers, the shorty will prove to be a perfect asset of unparalleled discretion, while refining your figure. A high-waisted shorty will be perfect for a pin-up look, with a nice bra that will even out your look.

Choose your favourite shorty from the selection below:

The shorty Night on Broadway from Atelier Amour. The famous shorty which makes our evenings more cocooning thanks to its comfort and the softness of the satin. The elasticated waistband, its slits on the hips, its opening on the lower back, and the indentations on the buttocks have everything to please us. You'll love it like we do, we're sure 🙂 Pair it with the camisole top from the same range!

The Sporty High Waist Short from Flash You and Me This sporty-inspired top will be perfect for you to be comfortable with its soft material, while remaining sexy. The cut-outs on the sides embellished by bands reveal the skin in a graphic style for the most beautiful effect. Wear it everyday or in the boudoir where your partner will only have eyes for you. Pair with the Sporty bralette for maximum effect. It's comfortable, easy to wear and eye-catching!

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