Valentine's Day 2022: offer love to your loved one

Looking for gift ideas for your partner for Valentine's Day 2022? You are at the right place!

Find the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

Black bustier, suspender belt and open panties Onde sensuelle from the brand Atelier Amour available at Brigade Mondaine. The bustier is transparent with thin black vertical waves. In the center there is black fabric and three small gold chains that cross this area. The fabric of the garter belt is transparent with ethnic patterns. In the center there is a small vertical gold chain. The panty is transparent with ethnic patterns except on the ends. There is a chain in black that passes through the belt of the panties in the back. The bra has the same patterns and has chains at the straps. Perfect gift for Valentine's Day 2022

Give the gift of lingerie: the guide

If you want to offer lingerie to your partner for Valentine's Day 2022, you will find here our Gift Guide. You will find all our advice to choose the perfect piece that will undoubtedly please the person most dear to your heart.

Lingerie is a very popular gift for this time of year, and we've put together an exclusive selection for this very special occasion: it's time to go all out! As a woman's gift, or to wear to please yourself or your partner, delicate and luxurious lingerie will make a big impact.

If you like luxury, exclusivity, the "crème de la crème", it speaks for itself. Beyond the big fashion houses, such as Dior or Chanel, there are in terms of luxury lingerie and erotic lingerie, big names emerging among luxury designers such as BordelleCouture de NuitCadolleE.L.F Zhou LondonPlayful Lingerie, GonzalesBound Upand many others.

Lingerie brands that advocate handmade, lace and exceptional fabrics, 24-carat gold finishes, while favoring eco-responsible techniques and manufacturing in Europe in human-sized workshops. Beauty and quality are thus put forward, it is essential that luxury lingerie is durable in order to enjoy it for a long time.

The satin elastic, the lace, straps... Leavers, whipped lace, transparent fishnet mesh, the tulle embroidered Switzerland, the leather nappa from Italy, authentic silk... materials common to the luxury lingerie pieces that Brigade Mondaine offers. Brigade Mondaine chooses each erotic designer according to these qualities, his ethics and his human values. All the sexy lingerie brands presented embody the luxury and exclusivity that all women dream of.

For Valentine's Day 2022, luxury and delicacy are the watchwords of this holiday! Honor your partner with a perfect lingerie gift, and discover our selection of Erotic Luxury Lingerie.

Who says delicacy and romanticism, says Bracli. The Manhattan collection is available bright and sparkling thanks to a high end lurex lace. The high waist thong is definitely the sexiest piece in this collection... In addition to the stimulating effect of the beads on the erogenous zone, this model is perfect for G-spot stimulation. The pearl row, signature of Bracli will offer you unique sensations.

A little, a lot, passionately, madly... Parisian creations Atelier Amour offers you unique and playful pieces, presented in gift bags, ideal to spice up your love games. Discover, on the occasion of Valentine's Day 2022, the collection Named Desire now available in red and black! Elegant combination of bewitching lace and satin elastic embellished with gold finishes, worn by suggestive cut-outs; This line wants to be sexy and modern! In material lace, fine tulle and satin elastic, without underwiring, this triangle bra highlights the chest in a subtle way. We love its back with graphic cutout that just wants to be seen!

The unavoidable range Signature from Bordelle is a safe bet, and will not fail to make an impact.
The combination of satin elastic bands and a variety of fabrics to create iconic pieces highlighting "SM luxury" sensuality.

The English brand Atelier Bordelle celebrates the beauty and sensuality of women through high-end lingerie that pushes the boundaries of design. This selection of women's lingerie presents triangular, open, bustier, bodysuit and basque bras, nippies...chokers, harnesses, charters, garter belt and thongs, fishnet, satin elastic, 24-carat gold finishes, transparency and flattering cuts adorn these pieces with undeniable originality.

One of their most famous pieces is the dress Angela. A fitted tight bondage dress that beautifully enhances the feminine silhouette. Another bestseller is the Webbed Suspender BeltAvailable in various colours. Take a look at the signatures Bordelleideal for a gift idea!

Red WEBBED garters from the brand Bordelle Signature . They are composed of 4 thin satin bands. Each one has 4 gold plated details. 2 to adjust them and 2 rings as decoration. They are crossed by a red band in their center with a gold plated ring at the end. If you are looking for a Valentine's Day 2022 gift idea, this piece is perfect! Whether it's a woman's gift or a man's gift, it's sure to please.

Offer a Roleplay costume by Baed Storiesor UPKO !

Be sensual and tender during the day but free and demonic as soon as the night comes. Human nature feeds on dreams and fantasies, feed your mind, your body will ask for more! Bæd Stories offers you a unique opportunity thanks to its roleplay costumes sexiest lingerie, become another person! What woman has never dreamed of changing roles and behaving differently? Sexy but playful role-playing games to forget everyday life and spice up your evenings. The sets Bæd Stories let your desires blossom freely...

Transform yourself for a night with Baed Stories! Perfect gift for your sweetheart!

Roleplay costumes to immerse you in a sensual and unique adventure.

A way to find your true temperament and awaken your sexual energy.

To spice up your evenings, don't hesitate to test the UPKO low temperature candles. Accompanied by chocolate and champagne, they will add a romantic and sexy touch to your special evening!

Blue white and red sailor roleplay costume for your roleplay. Perfect if you are looking for a gift idea for Valentine's Day 2022! Gift for women or gift for men, it will please every time

For a perfect woman's gift, or a perfect man's gift, lean towards the BDSM and Bondage accessories

You can start off gently by trying bondage collars, associated (or not) with a leash. Feel the elegant elastic of our designer Bordelle around your neck or if you prefer a leather collar with its little black leash, we can offer you the Sensuality set of Mia Atelier.

Dominant or submissive, you will find all possible and unimaginable objects to satisfy your darkest desires and fantasies. Opt for a choker 'Yes Sir limited edition, which, combined with a Dos Santos leashwill make your partner the sweetest and most endearing submissive, but maybe also the kinkiest! From chokers to the BDSM teasers through the straps, ribbons, and handcuffs to tie up, or have you tied up, our selection of BDSM items will not fail to satisfy you fully. Offer UPKO handcuffs for a man's gift and be sure to please for Valentine's Day 2022! Tied up, or to be tied up... that is the question!

Titillate your fantasies with a paddle, a whip, a riding crop from DOMESTIC PARIS. Pinch your breasts with PKOA. Spice up your D/s game sessions with ROSEBUDS. Strap up your wasp waist with ANITA NEMKYOVA. Bloat your sensual mouth with ZALO USA. Add a touch of rock to your lingerie sets with a choker necklace. 0770. Play with your sugar daddy with the accessories from UPKO X TOUCHDOGthe pet play range for immersive scenarios in the playful and animal world of PAPPY & PUPPY! Dare bondage harnesses and open bras THE MODEL TRAITOR by Sian Hoffman. The perfect gift idea for Valentine's Day 2022!

Bondage straps for bed of the brand Upko available at Brigade Mondaine. Woman gift or Man gift for Valentine's Day 2022

You want to be sure that she will like it? Opt for the Brigade Mondaine gift card

Treat your significant other with our Brigade Mondaine gift card. Choose the value of your choice and send the gift card to the person. You can also choose between a virtual gift card, which we send to you by email, or we can send it directly to the person you are giving the gift to. Valid for 1 year, it can be used on the whole of our store, apart from the gift cards. It's the perfect idea if you're short on inspiration!

Don't forget: from February 4th to 14th, we offer 14% discount on all our items (except Bordelle Signature and Couture de Nuit). Also all our orders over 300 euros will be offered a Signature Brigade Mondaine Gift Packaging, with the heart-shaped bondage necklace!

This Valentine's Day 2022 is sure to please!

The 2022 Valentine's Day gift pack contains an exclusive choker lock (red or black), along with a Brigade Mondaine silk pouch to wrap your favorite lingerie or accessories, and a beautiful card to personalize. Perfect for a man or woman gift!

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