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Rey by Atelier Bordelle, the much loved bondage lingerie collection.

Jersey bodysuit REY II from the brand Bordelle navy blue. This bodysuit is composed of a transparent illusion mesh placed on the hollow of the chest, the hips, and the lower back. On the chest and the belly, the fabric does not let the skin show. The cut of the bodysuit is open in the middle of the back and very attractive. The bodysuit also contains two thick straps made from elastic and golden snap hooks as well as two elastic bands in the middle of the back.

The Rey collection from Bordelle represents freedom and solitary travel with its structured and contemporary cuts.

Jersey bondage bodysuit Rey II from the brand Bordelle navy blue. This bodysuit has been made from a piece of jersey fabric placed on the belly to the intimate parts. For the chest, a thick elastic will subtly reveal the underside of your chest while hiding your nipples. The support is wrapped in a satin fabric. Around the waist is elastic joined by a ring at the plexus. A support is present at the level of the nape of the neck with again a ring at the level of the sternum which redistributes two elastics to the sides of the chest. The straps are made of wider elastic. At the back, the bodysuit is completely open, with a very low cut and three elastic bands on the lower back. All the elastics are embellished with gold-plated snap hooks and adjustments.

Rey, short for Reynisfjara, is the name of a beautiful and deadly black sand beach in Iceland.

The Rey range was inspired by the journey of the famous motorcyclist Elspeth Beard, the first British woman to ride a motorbike around the world.

The pieces are declined in a complex and mechanical sequence with structural and contemporary forms.

The oversized 24-carat gold-plated finishes contrast with the softness of the jersey, the transparency of the fishnet and the satin elastic.

The collection highlights the super soft elastic satin band, appreciated for its comfort while maintaining a classic bondage aesthetic.

Dark but vivid colors, tortuous but graphic lines, a limited selection of unique pieces embodying the aesthetics of Bordelle.

The black Rey II Crop Top by Bordelle. This sleeveless crop top covers the whole front of the chest and goes up to the neck creating a small collar effect. It is opaque on the extremities of the torso while a little transparent fabric lets discover a part of the center of the chest. The back of the crop top is composed in the form of a bra joining the back of the neck and the center of the back by two bands, leaving the back bare.

New materials such as breathable and soft-touch recycled mesh and smooth recycled jersey to accompany you on your travels in style.

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