More than two ropes... your closet!

Black BDSM Rope Harness with Silver Details

Figure of A offers you a new range of products of unparalleled quality. A perfect blend of cotton and leather, all made entirely by hand...

MUNE in all its forms.
One harness, one shape, three colors.
A unique style highlighting the Japanese bondage style ...

MEGAMI at your service . . .
The necklace and harness set to tie yourself available in red or black!
That leaves you the choice of the outfit that would go with this set ....
Or naked on your skin... 😉

Handcuffs? Overkill!
The shibari rope and the knots? That's much better!
Self tie Cuffs are here to satisfy you!
Three colors and as many knots as you want as long as you keep it or restrict it!

A little touch of glamour and sensuality in bondage!
The ORI necklace and handcuffs set with its thin and long chain is just waiting to be worn . . by you! 😉

Discover the art of bondage for yourself... The Self Tie Harness is at your disposal, so come and learn how to tie and embellish your partner with this leather ...

Here's a little guide so you don't get tangled in the rope and find yourself in a (unfortunate) situation!

Available in three colours, the Figure of A key rings will embellish your bunch!
And decorate your house if you wish...

Brigade Mondaine offers you all of this... Just click here to discover the brand!

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