Lickstarter and his pussycat panties...

Discover the very naughty Latvian brand Lickstarter on Brigade Mondaine!

These panties with the devastating cat heads and prints of mischief will make more than one envious.

The simplicity of the shape of the panties is very well placed, all the humour and the naughty aspect of this one is revealed when the cat's head is uncovered on the front.

Ideal to wear during the day thanks to its all-round comfort, these lingerie pieces will be a great ally to the boudoir to reveal your feline side but still truly adorable.

Fall for the pussy that most suits your mood and impose your style in a different way with this underwear.
Want to please? These panties will be the perfect gift as they are original, adorable and delivered in a gift box to fall down!

Don't hesitate any longer and let the animal side that lies dormant in you speak for itself in order to find the piece that will make your heart capsize!

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