ELF ZHOU London, brand evocative of erotic evenings...

"Meteorite" by ELF ZHOU LONDON

Discover their incredible range of masks to spice up your evenings, go off the beaten track and surprise your partner with a brand new extraordinary acquisition! 

Daring pieces to use in all circumstances and for your greatest satisfaction. The wolf masks for women are exceptional pieces entirely handmade. This small mutinous air will seduce you for sure. 

Black mesh body ELF ZHOU at Brigade Mondaine

Which creature will you fall for during your evening with ELF ZHOU London?

Give yourself an air of pettiness with the cat mask that will enhance all your moments in erotic and chic moments. Or give yourself a wild look with a jackal mask similar to the Egyptian god Anubis. We have one last offer for you, the iconic erotic rabbit mask that will make you blush with pleasure. 

Erotic mask Anubis black by E.L.F Zhou London at Brigade Mondaine
Red Fox Erotic Mask by E.L.F Zhou London at Brigade Mondaine

Discover also the color shades to satisfy all your desires!

Black erotic cat mask by E.L.F Zhou London at Brigade Mondaine

Try the power of these bdsm accessories, you will not be able to do without them...   

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