Bondage accessories for day and night ELF Zhou London!

Necklace Handcuffs chains and leather of the brand ELF ZHOU LONDON. The necklace is attached around the neck of the mannequin. The leather part of the necklace is attached and the gold chain attached to the necklace by the gold cuff hangs.

The border between fashion and BDSM has never been so thin with ELF Zhou London...

ELF Zhou London

Let your nightly secrets shine through and make your femininity quiver

You will not want to leave them, these bondage accessories will be your best ally!

The combination of chains and handcuffs lets your wild and enigmatic side shine through while affirming your character. Succumb to this treasure signed ELF Zhou London.

Pair your accessory with a leather piece to finalize your outfit. But there is no doubt that these jewels will delight all body types, whether worn with a garment or naked.

All designs are handcrafted with care and technicality in the brand's London workshops. Both provocative and elegant, ELF Zhou London's creations are based on luxurious materials resulting in true couture pieces of exceptional quality. These refined and innovative creations are above all made to be shown off and integrate perfectly with ready-to-wear outfits.

Fall in love now with the new ELF Zhou London bondage accessories collection!

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