The Butterfly Effect, the new collection from UPKO

Black and gold 8 piece bondage set from Upko. The top is black and has gold colored bows on the back that go down the back. On both sides, there are gold chains that connect the top and bottom of the harness diagonally. At his feet are black and gold ankle harnesses.

The Butterfly Effect dresses your body and prepares it for a hurricane of hormones

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly wings flapping in the rainforests of the southern hemisphere can cause a tornado in the northern hemisphere. 

The temptation of the limits of desire in an intimate relationship also causes a storm of hormones during a candlelit night. 

Embellish the body to give voice to your sin of the flesh. Boost the visual effect and the pleasure during your intimate moments with the Butterfly Effect!

Handcrafted with premium Italian cowhide leather that is safe for the skin. Will make you look as beautiful and glowing as a butterfly. 

The original design made from high quality metals, which shine with a thousand lights. Delicate and elegant, enchanting... UPKO is once again demonstrating unprecedented creativity in bringing you this delightful collection.  

Ankle cuffs

Ankle cuffs emphasize the beauty of the feet.

Italian cowhide leather sits gently on your feet. The material shines brightly.

Wear them barefoot to reach the ultimate in sexy.

Adjust the strap to wear it with heels to attract attention. 

What are you waiting for to discover the Butterfly Effect?

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