Brigade Mondaine X Domestique X Cul_ture_Sensible

Red key ring engraved, black and gold from DOMESTIQUE chez BRIGADE MONDAINE

It's almost Christmas! 🎁 Brigade Mondaine offers you a unique collaboration from three different worlds!
Elegance, insolence and made in France are the watchwords of this project.
Discover our two limited editions "Dew between your lips" and "Stamp me Keyring".

Once upon a time... in Brigade Mondaine in the middle of a conversation..;
The crystallization of Brigade Mondaine lust with the elegance of Domestique and the creativity of Cul_Ture_Sensible.

Let's follow the stories of our protagonists....

Cul_Ture_Sensitive @cul_ture_sensitive
Behind this Instagram account is Vanessa Criou, a photographer by trade.
Vanessa goes back to her first loves, drawing and art and transmits femininity and sensuality through these vectors.
His style, the finesse of his lines and the choice of colours mark our minds.
Red makes you think about your ass... ...and culture... 😉

Domestique @domestic
Domestique is a French company created by Bastien Beny and Simon Delacour in 2016.
This company, based at Paris, creates hand-made, timeless and environmentally friendly products.
Each piece is made from natural leather, non-allergenic metals and worked to the finest detail.
Domestique offers you a range of products designed to beautify you and above all to serve you ... .

Now, let's retrace the creation of these two stamps!

Inspiration. . 💭
We have chosen these two images, representative of the values and aesthetics of the Brigade Mondaine.

The first sketches made by Cul_Ture_Sensitive
The images were transformed to the graphic palette by Vanessa.

Final version of the stamp design
That's it! We've got the final graphics!
In collaboration with Vanessa, our colleague Louise Faigner has made the final modifications necessary to make the tour PAR-FAIT! ✨
Let's go now for the engraving!

First tests on leather
The Domestique duo offered us various leather colours.
4 different versions.
So here we are in front of a very difficult choice!
Discover our choice just below!

Soon the end!
Here are the final versions of the stamps!
The black lines highlight the red body of our drawings ... Gorgeous. . .
However, the key ring is still missing! They are only stamps for the moment!

Fresh and beautiful! Here they are!
The Brigade Mondaine X Domestique X Cul_Ture_Sensitive stamp keychains are here and just waiting for you!
In limited edition of 50 pieces per model, worth 49.90€, available on the website!

Thank you for your time!
"Dew between your lips" just here !
"Stamp Me Keyring" just here !

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